Tuesday, August 6, 2013

breaking bad

breaking bad is in 5 days.

you need to understand that whatever you thought was important in your life on 8/11 is irrelevant. the 2nd best show in television history (the wire is king) begins its series finale. this post is for people who watch the show. if you do not watch the show, go to netflix and run through the first five seasons. (seriously, what the fuck ya'll been doing (c) pusha t) tons of spoilers coming. here are my quick theories on how the show ends.

first off, hank remembers that his previous boss was fired for not knowing that gus fring was a drug kingpin. his last story to hank and gomez was him having gus over for sea bass…all the while, gus was living two separate lives. that moment stuck with hank. so when hank realizes that that “w.w” is walter white, while remembering the previous moment were they read gale’s walt whitman book, hank knows he could lose his job for not knowing walt’s real occupation. it was right under Hank’s nose the entire time; he almost died because of walt. hank is going to corner walt and kill him. then he’s going to kill skylar... they both got their hands dirty full of blue meth, they gotta catch the llama. hank uses their bodies in the next fire accident in albuquerque. hank takes care of walter jr. and holly, and makes them believe their mother and father died in a fire. he never tells a soul about their real death.


jesse goes to walt’s house once hank starts investigating the decrease in blue meth production in albuquerque. jesse sees the lilly of the valley plant in walt’s backyard near the pool and realizes walt was the person who poisoned brock, which was his first suspicion. instead of immediately confronting walt, he waits until hank begins to close in on the investigation. jesse remembers mike’s words stating “if you had any brains, you’d realize walt is a timebomb. you’ll take your money and leave town.” at this time, jesse and todd kill walt. dip him in the acid, and flee the country.

to be honest, both of those are really shitty theories. i have no idea what’s going to happen in the show, and that’s the beauty of it. unlike the wire which was a collective of characters, you know the final straw is going to have to be resolved with walt either dying from his own relative (hank or skylar) or from his closest associate (jesse). either way, walt is going to die. the beauty in the show isn’t in the end result; it’s in the journey along the way. the writing doesn’t cut corners, and explains each step along the way of how and why walt and jesse struggled/prospered, and what makes their relationship tick. for the record, optimus negro could do a much better job of explaining this than me. 

for example, jesse was a junkie fuckup the first three seasons. season four, between his scholastic training from walt, and his hitman training from mike, jesse is a vital part of the operation. when walt and jesse are preparing to rob the train of the methylamine, jesse explains how it’s able to work based on the weights of the train and liquid and other science jargon. in season one, jesse didn’t give a fuck about science. now he’s robbing trains and using magnets to stay in the game. walt taught him. they had each other’s back through tuco, gus,  crazy eight, mike….they have the weirdest relationship, and they’ve seen some shit. i can’t wait. 


CtotheB said...

Ain't no love for the Sopranos?!

Bob George said...

between the 6th season storyline of tony in the coma, and the last episode....i cant put it on the wire/breaking bad level. i hated how it ended.

Anonymous said...

BB is probably my favorite show of all time.... point blank

Jonny Casanova said...

Still got to watch The Wire...actually and the Sopranos...im slippin