Monday, August 26, 2013

Whose Going to kill Walt Update (spoilers)

Last week I posted a list on who honestly is going to send Walt to Hades at the end of Season 5 of Breaking Bad. Granted I posted it three days before AMC dropped a bomb shell of an episode last night, and I kinda of have to do some revisions. Last couple of weeks have been rising action, tension building, filler that is trying to catapult us to the final climax of the story. Its all important on the grand scheme of things, but it does feel like chess pieces being moved on the board. I was half watching yesterdays over a friends house, noticed the pattern, and half dismissed the episode, until the final 2 minutes. And man were they a hit to the gut. Last week I posted that in order for Jesse to kill Walt (they got this sudo-father, older brother, best friend, arch enemy thing happening) allot needs to come to come to the surface. And by allot I mean about 2 seasons worth of bullshit Walt did to Jesse and Jesse's friends and family but has remained relatively hidden. Whelp that rickety dam broke, and Jesse found out the pretty much everything. And I mean everything. Last shot is Jesse rampaging through Walt's house pouring gasoline. Jesse finally snapped and he gives no-fucks at this point.

Whose going to kill Walt? After yesterday Walt and Jesse are on a collision course towards each other for a final showdown. I put Jesse as this is the mother fucker whose going to do it, unless Walt gets to him first.

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