Tuesday, August 27, 2013

miley cyrus

if you were like me and missed the live performance of miley cyrus shaking her ass and tossing her baby maker in the air....here it is....in all of its nasty pedo glory. since when have teddy bears been sexy? miley is of age but she looks like a boy, and she looks like an underage boy, and she looks like an underage gay boy who's seen too many twerk team videos and thinks he's a girl....this whole shit is disturbing. she's just a twerkin mess at this point. even rihanna was like "bitch, do better".

this is what chris rock means when he says he's keeping his daughters off the pole. billy ray cyrus....you have some explaining to do. 

also, miley......you have money. just get you some ass implants. it has done wonders for nicki minaj. because what you sittin on right now, isn't turning any heads. put it like this, if she wasn't miley cyrus, and she was walking down the street in her miley gear, no one is turning their head thinking "she's kinda cute"....they'd think "bitch, yo cheeks out"

get it together. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Not cool, bro. Way to body and slut-shame without ANY real commentary about the (lack) artistic merit of the performance.

Emphatic, emphatic boo!