Monday, August 12, 2013

Reuters/Ipsos Poll: How my life would have changed if I didn't know white people.

A recent poll showed that Americans are increasingly segregating themselves. My generation in particular more and more is finding to only have friends with in their own racial group.  I’ve been privilege to grow up in a middle class wonderland in Central Maryland, in a little town outside of Baltimore. Through out my High School career I had a number of friends from a range of different cultures. What ends up happening when you live in the suburbs is periodically you get bored, and periodically you get stoned with said kids. For those who smoke on the blog know, your appreciation for music of all types increases ten fold when you are high. Fortunately, the control of music was passed around us along with the said blunt or bottle of jack. In light of that new poll, I wondered how my life would have changed if I didn’t have any white friends. The most immediate and glaring change would be my iTunes playlist. So, here is a list of bands I would never have appreciated if I didn’t hang out with white people.

1.     Death Cab for Cutie 

2.     Iron and Wine

3.     Led Zeppelin

4.     The Black Keys (Before The El Camino Album)

5.     Sufjian Stevens

6.     The Killers

7.     The Entire Garden State Soundtrack

8.     Radiohead

9.     The Beatles

10. Imogen Heap


Jonny Casanova said...

Truth. I remember a time when my ignorant ass only wanted to listen to black music...i def can credit white people for opening my eyes a bit...

Brudda J said...


ELA Exclusive said...

Garden State soundtrack is amazing!