Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mixed Race People, Good For America? YES!

I find it funny that interacial couples are even still taboo today.  I remember earlier this year Brudda J had a post talking about the Cheerios commercial that featured an interracial couple and their child.  People went nuts over it Black people and White people alike.  I sometimes wonder what its like to to be Asian, Hispanic or "other" and  watch the Black people and White people complain about shit everyday.  Anyway obviously race is still a very sensitive subject.  Black peoples ears perk up if they hear the word "black" (in any context) uttered from a southern accent.  Black people and White people still at times feel some type of way when they see couples of different races walking together.  Well, usually its Black women that shoot that dirty look to a Black man and a White woman together.  A Black man will give the proverbial "head nod of approval" when their girl aint looking.  Funny how it works right?  Sometimes I feel like at the end of the day we just want something to complain about but this post is not about interracial dating.  We have covered that a couple times before. This post touches on what the more disapproving of interracial dating fear the most.  Mixed race children.

My mother being the product of an interracial relation gives me special but not full insight into this issue.  But I do remember the first major conflict I had when this subject was brought up.  I was talking to this girl and we had been friends for a long time but were kind of thinking about being mroe than that and she brought up interracial dating and how she thought it was wrong and an afront to the Black race.  I took major offense and told her that in some way I am a product of and interracial relationship and she said that I "didn't count" and continued to spew her ignorance.  Needless to say, that relationship didnt go anywhere.  I could write and incredible blog post about how that ended but I wouldn't want to embarass her.  Anyway, this isnt the first time I have heard this. I have friends who believe that it is their responsibility to their race to marry a black woman/man for the preservation of the Black American family.  What a crock of shit!  That is so ass backwards to me its laughable.  The funny thing is that interracial marriages and mixed race children represent a personification of the American Melting pot and the existence of more interracial people in our country will inevitably open up a brand new dialogue about race which can only bring about positive change.  This is really ironic because most of the people who claim interracial relationships mark the dissolution of Black culture also preach equality and social justice.  Are not interracial relationships one of the most symbolic public celebrations of that mentality?

Now this is not a ode to white women. Honestly I would prefer to date people of other cultures regardless of their skin color just because they carry with them new perspective and experiences which I find interesting.  I am not asking people to see my way of thinking but if you site personal responsibility to your race as a factor in choosing a mate you might think a bit too highly of yourself in general.  Just a thought.

Oh and mixed race women are hot as shit.  Thats a fact.  Why you think we Americans have this fantasy about Brazil? They're ALL mixed up over there and if we keep going the way were going in about 50 years our women can look like this----->

I'll leave you with that.

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