Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Three Annoying Types of People

In life, there are those who just don't get it. There are those who forgo common decency and respect and I don't get that. There are those who can admit their flaws and those who are ignorant to their own short comings. I'm far from perfect, but here are three types of people who are just really not hitting on any cylinders for me in the last week. People.
You encounter these people everyday in one way or another. Its the person who can't say good morning or thank you when you obviously gave them five seconds of your day, or your life, when you hold the door for them. Nothing is worse than being polite and they don't acknowledge it at all. At my job, there are two doors you have to go through to get into the building. The exterior and the second set to get in the lobby. Yesterday, I held the door for the guy about 15 steps behind me. As he walked through the first door, he said nothing. I didn't worry about it too much because he was about one second from redeeming himself. He did no such thing. Also, I'm annoyed with people at fast food restaurants who huff and puff about giving out extra sauce. Is it YOUR honey mustard? Did you harvest the mustard seeds and farm the honey yourself? If not, give me my damn sauce punk. I'm also annoyed with dudes in the men's room. If there are three stalls, two of which are occupied, don't take the last one if I'm trying to get a paper seat cover. If your nasty ass doesn't care to create a barrier between your cheeks and the previous man's cheeks that's on you. Please don't zoom past me to take the stall I was obviously eying. I hope you fall in or the last man had pubic lice.

Over Opinionated Folks.
I just want to take a moment for silence............... Death to close-mindedness. Look, I'm not saying you are not allowed your opinions, but just the opposite. You're allowed to think what you want, and the man next to you also has the same right. Your degree doesn't make you the authority on shit. Please don't try to inject me with your opinion thinking I'm going to see that opinion as the gospel. Chances are it will be rejected. There's nothing wrong with laying out your opinion and having intelligent debate, but go into the convo with the expectation that you will not reach an agreement. Go into the conversation with the mindset that you may have a chance to offer a different point of view. The fact that someone felt the need to curse me out and de-friend me on Facebook over that Macklemore post that I only shared as a writer on this blog is absolutely mind-numbing. If you feel some way about Syria, Miley, abortion, Macklemore or whatever it may be, I will entertain a conversation. But if you feel like your passion about the subject is uncontrollable, shut up. You will only frustrate yourself and sound ignorant/close-minded. I remember the Chick-Fil-A controversy. Just because I'm not your banner man waving signs for your cause in front of stores, doesn't mean I'm against you. It just means the conviction in me is not strong enough to follow in the manner you like. I'm not about to fake some passion I don't have. To me, that's more insulting. I can support YOU without supporting your cause directly. That's the best I can do, I'm sorry.

Racists.,+Black+and+White.jpgI've never been a fan of racist people, but I do have a certain respect for those who are just outwardly racist. I'm not about to like the KKK fan page, but I can respect that I at least know where you stand. Its the new age racist that I can't stand. Those people who think my opinions on race are out dated and pretend white privilege is a thing of the past. I'm speaking mainly to non-black people attempting to tell me to essentially "get over it". Its not about to happen. I have no idea what its like to be Chinese, Mexican, African etc. I've never lived that life. I don't know the idiosyncrasies that come with being something I'm not. For a white person to tell me I'm racist for defending my culture is just ignorant. I'm allowed to stick up for those I purposely or inadvertently represent. If you think you can down talk black people in front of me or use the word 'ghetto' in a derogatory manner in reference to things that are 'black' you're mistaken. Look up the definition of ghetto, and not in urban dictionary, fool. There are 133 definitions of the word there. Please find a synonym to help yourself. Notice none of them denote anything about race. Bitch, your dusty ass car, holey granny panties and broken hair dryer isn't ghetto. Unless used in proper context, including the historical significance to the Jewish people, just avoid it. Also, reverse racism isn't racism of blacks on whites specifically or exclusively. White people do not own racism. That idea itself is racist. Reverse racism is preferential treatment to minorities over a majority for no other reason than because they are the majority. The Trayvon Martin case is NOT reverse racism people.

I'm done griping. The love is still there. Enjoy your day.

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