Monday, September 16, 2013

September Nerd Crush: Yukimi Nagano

The face and voice of a hipster standard, Little Dragon, Yukimi Nagano has made it to my monthly (as of today) list of nerds I'm crushing on. Little Dragon is essentially her nickname, earning on based on the fuming tantrums she used to throw (and maybe still throws) in the studio. I'd like to compare her voice to that of Erykah Badu, with a breathy slightly nasal sound clearly influenced by Jazz and soul standards. But where Erykah allows hip hop to be the icing on her cake, Nagano goes in a different direction, pulling from Alternative, Electronic, and what ever 2000 alt-pop has become. She's cute as shit, and her poetry truly divine. Listen to the how subtle the opening lines of "Twice" are. That simple lyric conjures a life time of unrequited love. She does more in a lyric then most of her contemporaries do in whole albums.


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