Thursday, September 26, 2013

Songs about ASS...Don't Dare Judge Me!

Sometimes I feel like posting music shit on 5ivebruhs for me is just a cop out.  I like to challenge myself and as a musician who can talk about the subject for hours I fight the urge to make it a habit on this format.  I will say this.  As a musician I have had to evolve in terms of taste level.  As a young man and student of music in college I was the biggest snob of music ever.  Rap had to have a message.  Dance music  post 1989 might as well have never existed.  If you didn't get Jazz you were an idiot.  It was bad.  And it was stupid.  For years I shut myself off of some great music.  Later on I adopted a new philosophy and allowed myself to experience new music and to appreciate the shit that before I would have judged you for listening to making me a much more satisfied listener.  What adopting this philosophy also did was make me the local rap police.  Basically the defender of all things rap against the tyranny of the judgemental white person. I remember once about a year and a half ago while in grad school I was at a party drunk as all hell and Im pretty sure I was the only Black dude there.  Some white dude made a negative statement about whatever popular rap song of the time whose subject was "ass".  Mannn I got mad, not because he was talking about rap but because he didnt know shit about rap.  His mocking of my beloved "stripper rap" hit me to the core.  I was immediately transported to sweaty college parties where multicolor vats of alcoholic Kool Aid spilled onto perspiring lynolium floors and shirts ceased to be a requirement after the first hour of dancing your ass off.  I got mad because I knew that dude that was talking all that shit have never experienced an awesome party like that so he had no room to talk about songs about ass.  I love songs about ass.  They dont try to trick you into thinking they have a deeper message.  They're straight to the point.  And honestly what straight man would dislike a song that once the play button is pressed has a Weekend at Bernies 2 affect on woman's asses?  Now with that said here are my favorite songs about ASS.  Some are CLASSICS some are fairly new, all of them inspire the kind of acrobatics you only see in places with now windows.  Gotta love that.

So here it is.  No particular order but the last one is number 1 which needs to be acknowledged.

A$$-Big Sean

Clappers - Wale

Doing the Butt- EU

Bands a Make her Dance- Juicy Jay

Donk-Souljah Boy

Ms New Booty-Bubba Sparxxx

Back that Azz Up-Juvenile

 And I KNOW you got some ones to add to this so comment below and let me know what you think!

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