Monday, September 2, 2013

Black Superhereos: Who is going to get Star Treatment?

Luke Cage 

Luke Cage is a walking Blaxploitation stereotype. A former Harlem gang banger until he's sent to prison and experiment on for the same super solider program that created most of Marvel's superheroes. Unlike most he becomes a mercenary and bounty hunter,  deals with a drug problem, and has a white girl friend. With Avengers 2 on the horizon, and a desire for an increased roster that is not quite as white washed as the original movie, Luke Cage is a bit of a shoe in. He's been around since the 70s, and has been in every incarnation of the Avengers since the 90s. Rumors have it Tyrese and the Rock want the part, along with Terry Crews. Interesting to see how he will fit since he's essentially Captian America, minus the shield and the blond hair.

Black Panther 

In his myth, the Black Panther is a title give to the chief of a tribe in a fictional African Nation. Powered by a connection to a mythical panther god (I wish I was making this up) Black Panther is imbued with super natural abilities and senses along with a arsenal of magical (yep magical) artifacts from his status as King of Africa (yep the continent). Black Panther has been sitting in Hollywood purgatory since the early 90s. There have been references made in various other Marvel Phase One projects like Iron Man and currently documentary film maker Mark Bailey is working on a script. Marvel has essentially exhausted its main proprieties, and even pushed lesser known superhereos in to natural spot light. With casting rumors already in the work chances are high that we will see this slightly stereotypical superhero soon. Chadwick Boseman (42) is rumored though I can also see Ato Essandoh (Django, Chopper, Get Him to the Greek), and Chiwetel Ejiofor (12 Years a Slave)  getting a few looks.


Yes I know Spawn already had a big screen adaptation that though terrible, was still influential on our current superhero movie fascination. Spawn is a black mercenary who after being horribly killed is transported to hell to become one of Satan's incarnation's solder for the upcoming Apocalypse. Yeah, a family summer popcorn fest. Issue facing a reboot of Spawn is its unkid-friendly nature. Hollywood is slow to greenlight R rated superhero movies because they don't sell as well as their PG-13 counter part. Similar characters Deadpool, Venom, and a R rated Daredevil remake are all bearily treading water. A horror reboot is being shopped with Jamie Foxx rumored as wanting to play the lead. The twist is Spawn's creator is pushing for a low budget take on the character rather then a CGI rich sci-fest as a way to try to push the character through.


I think Falcon is lame. Similar to Luke Cage, Falcon was a Harlem kid who really like birds till his mother was killed and racist cops refused to track down her killer. Jaded he moves to L.A and becomes a gang banger and a pimp (as you do.) As a pimp he crashes on an Island full of superheros and meets a red tail hawk (umm yeah.) Anyway crazy super-villain uses something called the Cosmic Cube and fuses Falcon to his hawk creating some kind of link. Falcon meets Captain America, they become friends and Falcon becomes the first black superhero, and the first brother who battled being called a token. He can fly and talk to his hawk with his mind, and...that's about it. Falcon is apparently going to be in the upcoming Captain America sequel played by Anthony Mackie, which may mean he is will also be in Avengers 2.


Colin Harden said...

I want to see how hollywood is going to clean up these stereotypical backstories to make them less offensive...

TestBlogger said...

The Spawn comics and animated trilogy are badass, and his back story is awesome, especially in regards to Simmons' wife Wanda and his best friend Terry. The movie totally sucked though.

More importantly though, you guys left one big name out who got a whole trilogy!