Friday, October 30, 2009

Can Someone please explain Drake to me?

So I was going over the list of the Hip Hop award nominations, and notice that Drake was looking at taking top honors in Best Lyrics, Best new artist, song, etc. I couldn't help but wonder what is the appeal of Drake. This is an honest question from a hip hop head. What is it about Drake that seems to connect to so many people.

Now before you start chanting hater at me, hear me out. Drake has been pegged as the next hova. His lyricism has been compared to Jay-Z and Em. He was "honored" with Kayne West's first attempt at directing a music video. He has been featured on almost every major mix tape release this year. In short, the brotha is blowing up. So Why?

I have been told that Drake appeals to women. Women are a pinnacle market in entertainment. If you can reach the 14 to 22 age range, you are golden. This is what Elvis did, the Beatles, and Micheal Jackson.

There is an interesting pattern happening in Pop culture. Disney is pushing a slew of bands and performers, all designed to capture that particular age group. With this knowledge I have a theory on Drakes popularity. He is the Hip-hop equivalent to the Jonas Brothers.

Check out who has taken Drake under his wing. Hip hop fans tend to follow their chosen artist like a cult. The artist becomes an pinnacle part of the every day life style of the fan. You can always tell a Lil Wayne fan, a Jay-z fan, a Roots fan, etc. Drake is apart of one of deepest hip hop cult around, the cult of Lil Wayne. With Lil Wayne as a mentor, it is only natural that fans of Lil Wayne would latch on to Drake as the inheritor of Lil Wayne's own lofty position.

I guess the final answer I can give is marketing. The brotha knows how to market himself. He finds his niche and exploits it well. Avoiding unnecessary beef, producing hits that will make women dance, and working a style that is his own yet still conforming to the norm of the time. That's about all I got. Now I could be wrong. If someone has a better explanation then I would love to hear it.


Anonymous said...

Lil Wayne is smart. Think of the people on his label - Jay Sean, Bow Wow, Drake... he snatches up those people who cater to the 14-22 audience you talk about. He knew Drake was already gonna be a success in that department because, well he already was! Degrassi.
And I gotta say, I'm 20. I'm a woman. And I do enjoy a good dance to Best I Ever Had. Knew it was a marketing ploy as soon as I saw the video, but what can you do.
Also, I like listening to Forever, but I can't say it's for Drake's verse!

"We gon' be alright if we put Drake on every hook." - Weezy

Rap Genius said...

I think you nailed it with Drake and are underestimating yourself. Marketing is amazing these days. Lady Gaga says she makes music for "the Gays" and what happens? She goes, like, quadruple platinum. When you pander people will eat your shit up! Look at Lil' Wayne, he created that niche for himself during The Carter 2 and now he rasps (miserably) over nonsensical similes and HE sells a ton of records. Soulja Boy Tell 'Em is on every BET program and he can't even understand how to rhyme! Now, (to tie it back together) I'm not saying that Drake sucks. I'm just saying that talent doesn't matter as long as you have someone who thinks what you're doing is cool or hip.

honestnigga said...

by the way...that video directed by Kanye was wackas hell...anyone else with me there?

ELA Exclusive said...

I just can't believe this dude is the same kid in the wheelchair from "Degrassi". For that reason alone, I cannot take him seriously.

Now my sister for some reason DOES think Drake is the next Jay-Z (this coming from a girl who listened to Tyrese like he was the new Al Green). I am not a Hip Hop Head and rappers like Lil' Wayne and Drake are the reason why!

julianelijah said...

Thanks Rap Genius. Minded I just started listening to Drake, so we will how he grows as a artist.