Thursday, October 1, 2009


Women like things that vibrate. Expensive phones and toys. No, this is not about actual vibrations but more about the vibes we all receive as people. I for one am a person that follows his vibes to a T. If you don't follow your vibes and you fuck up, who can you blame? No one. So I'd rather not make that mistake.

Vibes and vibrations are all around us everyday. It's how we hear sounds and even see light. These things come in waves or also known as vibrations. We trust what we hear and see, so why not the internal feelings and emotions we get from initial meeting or introductions. I live by them.

Vibes tell us when to move forward with a female, when to make an advancement in our career or when to merge into the next lane. I have turned down a smorgasbord of opportunities due to said vibes and I've gotten this far. (Although I'm currently unemployed, another story)

I love the vibes i get. I was just watching a show called "Ninja Cheerleaders". What the fuck is that about? My vibes say to turn the channel... With pleasure. I'm pretty sure I'm not missing out on shit.

The main thing, like most things that guys think about, is women. Vibes govern how i approach women, and should do the same for all men. If you get a positive vibe from a chick you know you can go in for the kill and either get to know her better or smash. If you get a negative vibe, youza a fool ass nigga to try to make something happen that most likely will not. A vibe can make or break a situation, and women know what type of vibe theyre giving off, i think that they use that to their advantage, but men do not. Men just ignore women or say via some expression that they are not interested, women are a whole nother beast. They love using vibes to trick men and to lure them into a trap in which them and their girl friends can laugh at later. Bogus.

Men, i think if we took this approach we might have more control in these interactions and control these situations. Vibes can make or break an interracial coupling or a situation where the people may be in love with one another but society dictates that they do not fit together, and its tough to break these vibes. In these types of situations it takes either a crazy man or a very passionate man to break through this vibe.

So i'll close with this. Fellas, let's follow our vibes, not those of society. And ladies, if a man is giving you a good vibe don't just shut him down for no good reason, you never know what can come of it. Vibe on.

L'Chaim..... P!ed P!per

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