Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Suit

This post is about a long awaited topic that we havent talked about since the first week of 5ivebruhs existence....Fashion. Honestly knowing the guys in 5ivebruhs we all have our own style and we have one bruh that has been quoted to say "I dont give a f*ck about what I wear cuz I wear what-the-f*ck-ever..." (in a classic shit talking battle I might add). I think the reason why its been kind of avoided is because we dont want to come off as if we are the authorities on it... Well I will say this, I am by no means an authority on fashion but I do know this, there are some basic hints, and some lesser known hints I have learned over the years that men can do to make sure they look on point no matter what style they adopt.

This is something that I think is slightly taboo in the male community. Some guys dont want to seem too into fashion and border on feminine and others are just clueless. Either way there are some basic things that ALL guys need to know about the clothes they wear. Sad to say it but what you wear and where you wear it can be a determining factor in your success or failure in many situations (eg. meeting women, getting jobs, attending events). Those who know these certain hints can always spot the amateurs and the easiest way to spot an amateur is to tell him to wear a suit. This is the most commonly seen semi-formal attire that everyman should own, and this is where I will begin the lesson.

The Suit

The thing about wearing a suit is that every guy looks good in a suit...If your not looking at details. There are many details that go into looking super sharp in a suit and not just another guy at the office/dinner party/restaurant etc.

First.... I will talk about the shirt that goes under it. This is where I see most of the mistakes. Fellas...KNOW YOUR NECK SIZE. Ladies if you want to spot an amateur posing as a gentleman in a suit thats the first thing you look for. If the collar is hanging down...amateur, move on. There is nothing that looks worse than when a guy has the wrong size shirt. To fix that, go to a department store in the suit section or to a tailor and have him measure your neck size. Write it down or remember it, and if you've got a girl text that shit to her so come Christmas time she doesnt mess up.

Secondly...I will lump the jacket and the pants together to make it easier. Basically, with the jacket if you are buying off the rack and not getting it tailored which I would do if I could afford want to have the sleeve fall right off your shoulder, never before and never further off the shoulder. You should be able to slightly touch the cuff of your sleeve with your fingertips, that indicates the correct length. You want the jacket to fit snuggly but not tight, and always be sure that youre able to move comfortable in it. The pants are pretty basic just make sure you know your waist size, the length is tricky. This is another sign of an amateur, when you have your suit pants bunched up around your shoes, that looks sloppy fellas. The point of wearing a suit is to look as professional and as well put together as possible, dont ruin it. To fix that get the pants hemmed at your tailor or the dry cleaners. Make sure they fall so the cuff slightly creases at the shoe...this is more MY taste but I think it looks the sharpest.

Lastly...If you really want to take it up a notch, There are some things that you can do to make sure that NO ONE wonders whether you know how to dress or not. These are called flourishes, or accesories. The basic and most common of these is the tie. Now this is all up to you. I have a pretty good collection but this is all up to your taste. I will say that the color and design of your tie says a little about your personality. You can either go safe with stripes are go a little more flamboyant with a colorful paisly thats all up to you. Just make sure it doesnt look corny. A poor shirt tie combo can kill a perfectly fitting suit. A hankerchief to compliment the suit is always a nice touch, shows attention to detail. The shoes....Fellas, SPEND MONEY ON DRESS SHOES, dont buy cheap shit. A good dress shoe will last you the rest of your life but if you spend that type of cash your gonna want to keep them looking nice so buy a cedar shoe tree to keep the shape and reduce creasing, also the smell of the cedar will keep the shoes smelling fresh. I personally like shoes with leather soles, they last the longest and you can always go to a cobbler and get them resoled if you tend to wear them out. Oh and always match the color of your belt to the color of your shoe...Ladies thats another sign of an amateur is hes got brown shoes and a black belt....TACKY.

The model gentlman that all men should aspire to look like in there suit (no homo) is Daniel Craig in the James Bond movies. Everything about this cats outfit is on point....Check the hankerchief.

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