Sunday, October 4, 2009


today's topic: orenthal

4th grade. i'm in mrs. asmond's class listening to the oj simpson verdict…. when channel 9 eyewitness news reported oj simpson was not guilty, a spirit of joy was among the classroom. my teacher ran down the hallway and gave a hi-5 to her best friend, a fellow teacher named ms. garvin. my classmates hugged each other and cheered as if slaves were being freed....however, not all was pleasant in room 113 at victory christian center. only two students were upset with the verdict. my friend regis james, and a lad named bob george....i did not understand why he was being set free. as a child, i knew there was something wrong with black people celebrating the acquittal of a murderer. oj had a killer look. he looked as if he would slash your tires and take your lunch money, if given the chance....i didn't trust oj; more importantly, i did not trust black people who celebrated his acquittal. black people had too many excuses and reasons as to why he could not have done it....however, it's all bullshit.

let me say this. if i stand on trial for murder, it would be in my best interest to hire the best attorneys possible, and say nothing during the trial. oj never took the stand. he simply showed up, tried on some gloves, flashed a killer smirk at the verdict, and went home...people say this was the trial of the century, and rightfully so. this changed the "celebrity trial" as we know it. before oj simpson, most of the trials dealt with white people doing crazy white antics. the most famous being charles manson's murder of sharon tate....oj simpson had money. he was an ex-football player. semi-actor. he played in naked gun and, roots is one of the funniest movies you will ever see in life. aside from the racism, roots is hysterical...oj was also black. he was the first black person to get in trouble with the law and had the money to surround himself with the right help. rodney king could've used the chip$$....first, let’s look at the players in this trial

lance ito: judge. a judge who had no control over the courtroom. essentially he was a figurehead.
marcia clark & chris darden: prosecuting attorneys. white woman. black man. during this time, the general public thought they were fuckin'. which only added fuel to the orenthal fire. this is when interracial dating was really frowned upon....waiting to exhale was the cherry on top.
f. lee bailey, robert shapiro, alan dershowitz, kim kardashian's daddy, gerald uelmen, and carl douglas: orenthal's team. oj's a running back, he needs a good line.

and then you have johnnie cochran. the michael jordan of lawyers. clutch. if you're in some shit, and black, he'll get you out. why? because of orenthal. just ask diddy, todd bridges, snoop d-o-double g, and of course michael jackson. all of these niggas went home without having to do jail time, and todd bridges was caught in the crackhouse?!?....johnnie cochran ran the courtroom. whatever he said, was law. if orenthal doesn't want to take the stand, the prosecution didn't protest it. if cochran wanted something in the courtroom, he got it....lance ito had no power. and clark and darden were too busy smelling each other to realize what was at stake for society....niggas on the street.

the oj verdict was not about him being innocent. it was more about clark 'n darden failing to prove his guilt, and cochran and his team proving his innocence. as a result, the jury did what any jury in america would do....they went with the stronger case. yes, the evidence was not in favor of oj... the dna samples. the bruno mali size 12 shoes. the motive. the blood on the glove....none of that mattered because the case was not presented in the proper way for a jury to make a strong decision. essentially, a failure for clark 'n darden....

so what happened to orenthal. just as a i predicted in 1999, in mr. king's 8th grade class…the same day sega dreamcast came out (9-9-99)….i said, orenthal will go to jail. over the next ten years my prediction would come true. he was in the media too much. playing golf, trying to sell a book "if i did it"....nigga, you did...orenthal had too much time on his hands, and we was itching to tell the truth. and white people were getting annoyed. hell, i was getting annoyed. i knew oj would get caught in some nonsense charge, like him stealing cable.......sure enough, he was sent to jail for stealing his own shit.... he tried to strong-arm some handlers who were selling his memorabilia, and he went with guns to get his merchandise. he is now doing 11 yrs. in jail. fuckin oj.

i don't know what the point of this article is. my love/hate relationship with orenthal runs deep. i love him because this was the first pop culture moment i vividly remember witnessing and having a strong opinion about. i hate oj, and the black people like my eyes, these are the same "can't see the forest for the trees-ass niggas" who get caught doing silly shit, and expect someone to bail them out. c'mon son © ed lover. peace.

oh yeah….shoutout to the real steve smith.


The Pied Piper said...

good article... but i know you talking about that number 12 steve smith in NY.

LuvliLadi said...

Ok, first, Roots is NOT funny lol..really besides the slavery part? Such an attentive child you were cause I could've cared less. The OJ case, to me, is just like all the cases won years ago. OJ was like the white man who got off for blatantly killing/hanging/etc. the black person and walking away into the sunset. Now everyone knows what it feels like seeing injustice of that kind. And hey, Johnny did his job, whether it was right or not, that's what he's paid to do so hopefully he didn't have to pay double at death for being so damn good. Good job Boy George, i mean, Bob George :)

Leslie said...

Haha. It's characteristic of you to find humor in serious matters. It was nice to think back to Ms. Asmond's and Mr. King's classes though. They were both unnecessarily mean and they obviously resented their jobs and their lives. At least that's how it seemed to me. Anywho, Imma start keepin up w/ the stuff you write. Tata!

-LK =)

Anonymous said...

the first pic on this post i fuckin hilarious...good attention to detail including that


Cheri said...

There's no doubt in my mind that OJ was guilty. But you absolutely cannot convict a person based on faulty evidence, and the cops completely botched it on this one. Not only was he guilty, but it was their fault that a killer walked free. He's getting his just deserts now, tho, not to worry.

ELA Exclusive said...

To this day I fear White Broncos and men wearing gloves.