Wednesday, October 7, 2009

They Shoulda Told Me

Have you ever done some dumb shit and the only excuse you can give is that someone else shoulda told you? I do it often. Say something I shouldnt have and find my size 11 1/2 in my mouth trying to get my ass out of a situation.

On that note let me tell you about this chick who had a big forehead. She just forgave me for what Im about to tell you. So I was sitting at the dinner table in this Chinese food restaurant back home YEARS ago. We were celebrating a friends birthday party and there were people there that I knew and didnt know. *flashback* (a couple hours prior some of the guys were talking about a girl with a big ass forehead but I had never met her...the jokes on this forehead were hilarious and I was anxious to see it) *poof back to regular time and shit* Anyway we were at this restaurant and I made a comment about the chick with the forehead. Something clever that was in context with the rest of the tables conversation. A laugh roared over the table and I was thinking damn was it that funny? I looked over the table and only one person wasnt laughing and neither was her big ass forehead. That wasn't my fault. They shoulda told me. It was some bullshit. I didn't know SHE was the chick with the big ass forehead. I would of not made a comment at the dinner table at my friends birthday celebration as she sat right in front of me. I was pissed and embarrassed and scared she was gonna slash my tires or some shit like that...I felt bad but damn they shoulda told me.

Chick with the forehead, if you're reading this I had to use you as an bad.

<-----It was like this except it potruded a little bit more... I should have noticed it earlier.

One another note...I find myself thinking someone shoulda told me how much real life sucks when I was an undergrad...They shoulda had a seminar on this shit. This article is dedicated to the anger that I feel everyday that they didn't tell me that shit in college. It was the true inspiration for the post.

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