Sunday, October 11, 2009

a trip down memory lane

today's topic: a trip down memory lane

if you are a consistent reader of 5ivebruhs, you know i have a soft spot in my heart for the 90's. the most important years in my life occurred during the 90's, mainly because it shaped my particular '94-'95... before i continue, understand that everyone is influenced by pop culture. whether it is a dominant force in your life or something you passively enjoy, i believe all people are influenced by pop culture. most of the influence occurs during your childhood. it is the starting factor in shaping your preferences for music, movies, and etc...during this two year span, most of my influence came directly from movies. i think this is why i'm a visual learner instead of aural. these four movies shaped my personality. they have made me the humor-loving, non-tear duct having, perpetual thinking man today...these movies from 94-95, represent me. without further ado, here are bob george's fantastic four movies of his childhood.

4. little giants (1994): cult classic. becky o'shea was honestly the first white girl i had a crush on. i vividly remember seeing this film in park terrace movie theater in charlotte, nc. my sister and i were enamored with this picture, for different reasons. i was intrigued at why danny o'shea was so hell-bent on beating his brother with his team of rejects. i hate seeing losers receive moral support, shit is annoying. my sister, the athlete, loved the idea of being good enough to compete with "the guys." when it came out on vhs, my entire family watched this movie. it was a great family moment we all enjoyed, everytime we watched... however, this movie was bigger than my household. i didn't understand how cool this film was until i went to college, and listened to people reminisce about little giants. i felt cool...because this was the first thing, outside of church or something gospel related, my family all enjoyed, it represents a happy memory for me and i love hearing about people who had the same experience with this movie.

3. toy story (1995): when i saw toy story, it was like i gunned the delorean to 88 and saw the future. toy story was mind-blowing at the time. animation = incredible. soundtrack = impressive. tom hanks = funny. buzz lightyear = asshole. everything about this movie was funny. mainly because the toys were all in on this inside joke of being able to talk to each other, and andy never knew. this made me wonder about my toys. i honestly thought my hot wheels and legos were arguing with each other about which toys i played with more. call me lame, but i'm almost positive i wasn't alone... this movie introduced me to haters. woody was a hater. he almost got buzz lightyear killed over his own insecurities....i also credit toy story for being the first movie with a storyline i could relate to. instead of being the new toy, my analogy was someone being the new "cool kid", and having everyone flock to them instead of being interested in what was going on in my life. this movie helped me get over a lot of my own insecurities at an early age, and allowed me to let things be as they may....randy newman's soundtrack to the film was on repeat in my head while i played with my toys for the winter 1996.

2. the lion king (1994). greensboro, nc. 1994. my mom's college roommate took me, my "play-cousin" john, my sister, and her neighbor's son rodney to the movies to see the lion king. the theater was packed. before we arrived, i had not seen a commercial nor knew anything about the film. i was curious as to why all these kids had on simba hats, mufasa slurpies, and, what a movie. the lion king holds the distinction of being the only movie i cried on while watching. it was so inspirational....simba sees his father die, believes the lies from his uncle scar, becomes reclusive and retreats to a life of "no worries"....he reconnects with his homie lover friend © r. kellz, and he becomes inspired after she fucks him and informs simba on the status of pride land. simba arrives. ready to take on the foolishness, avenge his father's death, and reclaim his spot on the had everything. love story. humor. the spirit of winning… i understood this movie more and more as years passed. when i saw my father almost pass away, i understood why simba retreated out of fear and him needing a break from dealing with the ordeal. after crying in the movie theater and experiencing the situation with my dad, it put many things into perspective for me. as a result, nothing has evoked that emotion from me since then. it isn't anything that i am hiding, it just is not there.... people often ask why i am not emotional or seemingly "not emotional"...this is why.

1. houseguest (1995). CLASSIC MATERIAL. this movie made me the cynical person i am constant search of the perfect joke. in my opinion, this is sinbad's high mark in his comedy career. he is so....witty. quick humor. i understood this at age 9. don't ask why....for me, this movie represents how funny i wish i could be. in my opinion, i'm mildly funny. i don't tell great jokes, but i'm good for a quick remark when commenting on something. i think this movie is the reason for that.

shoutout to Kinard & Lauren....congrats 1nce again on the marriage.

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This explains alot about you. It was pretty good.