Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Man Talk Translated Part 1

For some strange reason I was blessed to have been around women my whole life. I have 3 sisters and most of my friends outside my "5ivebruhs" fam are female. Because this, I have been equipped with special powers. Yeah, I said it. Being surrounded by females most of my life, yet still living the life of a "typical" male, has given me the gift of perspective. To avoid being crucified by my female friends I will decline from making this article Woman Talk Translated partly because no matter how much time you spend around girls, they'll never admit when you've got them pegged. I will enlighten some ladies some of the things that men say and what they ACTUALLY mean. In order to do that I had to assess some of the universal situations that we all happen to encounter with the opposite sex and I came up with one of the most typical situation that we all go through.
The Meeting

The initial meeting between a man and a woman with the intention of meeting them again under different circumstances is one of the most universal of interactions.

Ill be the man in this situation. So I'm at a bar and I see a woman across the way that I want to pursue. Whats going on in my mind is this. How am I going to break the initial seal from complete stranger to acquaintance instantly. So lets say I approach this girl and break that seal and have since graduated to conversation. This is usually where a man assesses when the right time to get the number is. After a good convo and vibing session I go in for the kill (ask for the number) and the girl says. "Oh, Im sorry I have a boyfriend"... this is when I have to act quickly. If I dont get the number Im going to feel like I wasted my time plus if I really felt that there is a connection it would be remiss of me not to be persistent so here is what I/WE say in that situation.

"Oh thats cool, i just thought you were a cool person and I thought it be nice to keep in touch. Not to disrespect your relationship though. Whats wrong with 2 people being friends"

*With that statement, I gets the number 90% of the time because it puts the girls at ease and I dont seem threatening to the current relationship. *

Now for the translation....What I said actually means. Your in a relationship now but who knows how long thats gonna last. Im gonna keep me in the back of your mind with an occasional text reminder and when your relationship ends which Im going to assume it is by the in-depth conversation you allowed us to have, Im gonna be there to move in if I so choose.

Im pretty positive that most men would agree with me on this for those who have ever tried to talk to a girl who had a boyfriend. Its not that we have disrespect others relationship, its more about ego. We got to feel like the acheive something especially if we put ourselves out there enough to either be completely rejected or get the prize.

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