Sunday, November 1, 2009


today's title: poker

i hope you understand where i'm coming from, and read this with an open mind.

i recently ran into an old friend at southpark mall. we were talking about random things: work, ciroc vodka, ramen noodles, the panthers, we talk, it begins to rain outside. she becomes upset because she recently paid to have her car washed. in all seriousness, she asked me to wash her car. in my mind, i instantly began calculating the situation: 1.) i'm already with someone, so that's strike one. 2.) she is not attractive, strike two. 3.) i probably will get nothing in return for washing her car, strike three...this is how the mind of bob george works. when a woman deals with me, looks are your bargaining chips. the more attractive you are, the higher your chance is of me putting up with you. women who look as though they have a lane bryant credit card, should not approach me. i will treat you, how you look....if the situation does not benefit me sexually, i'm walking the other way.

here's my thought process: i know when i am with a woman who is attractive, my tolerance level is a lot higher than it would be with an average woman. an average woman has no mistake curve with me. if an average girl asked me to buy her a drink while i'm out, the answer is definitely no. simply because, you are average. i do not need to buy you a drink to have sex with you. the fact that you want me to buy you one tells me your bargaining chips are low. attractive women get drinks. they do not have to ask....

some women do not know which category they fall into: attractive, average, or unattractive. it's not their fault they are unaware. some men have been too nice to ugly girls, and they have an attitude that does not match their looks. every man is to blame for this, bob george included. we all have done charity work, only to have it backfire on us, and leave us with an unwanted cum stain on the resume...women receive this attention because men are hunters. in order to be with women, men have to go after them. one of the ways to approach women, is to be polite. when men are being nice to women, it's not because we are nice people, it is because we want something from you. for example, i do not open doors for women because i was raised properly; i open doors for certain women to receive their approval. whether it is a thank you, a smile, or any small token of affection, that is what i strive for. the ugly girl better have arms, because i'm not reaching for the door...

the funny thing to me is, all women think they are attractive. some state, because they have breasts, nice smile, or whatever reason your parents told you as a child, some women believe that is going to get them over the hump in the dating game. not true...i understand this is shallow, superficial, and downright unattractive. but this is my philosophy © krs-one. i welcome it with open arms...on the other hand, men know their bargaining chips early in life. if a man was fat as an adolescent, he received enough fat jokes by the time he reached middle school to not have it bother him, and he will embrace his weight and use it to his advantage.

in building a relationship, average and unattractive women will always have commitment issues with men, simply because he feels as though he can do better than you. there is a woman out there that he wants to commit to immediately, and is willing to put in the time and effort to make it happen. he will play whatever desired role she likes, so he can have her on the resume. there are some women who only have men trying to commit to them, simply because of how they look. men will put up with more, they're quicker to pull the condom off, and they'll listen to what she has to say in casual conversation instead of ignoring her....all of the attractive girls receive these privileges. do i think it should be this way in the american dating game,'s the silver lining, it always evens out. although i may not find a certain woman attractive, another man may. therefore, she gets the better treatment from him, than she would receive from me....i want the woman that looks good when she leaves the shower, and is down for me. this is does not represent all males. i can't speak for all males. i can only speak for bob george, and this is my view of the american dating game. i'll leave you with two last nuggets:

1. all women fuck on the first date, it just depends on if she's feeling you.
2. jurnee smollett is fine...peace


Cheri said...

oh my.

I would say, however, that no matter what, a great, fun, and approachable personality trumps all. I feel like even for me, people have not been initially attracted, but are all about it when they get to know how fun I am....thoughts???

Wistopher said...

jurnee smollett can get it! everywhere! and 8 times on sunday's... so can Keri Hilson. i would also be Janet Jackson's love slave.

Bob George said...

@cheri--->he got to know you because he was intially attracted to you. the personality was the cherry on top. for him the personality was a plus.

@wistopher--->8 times on sunday huh? good luck with being janet's love slave...i heard she likes balding short niggas.