Thursday, November 5, 2009

Who is the Wu Tang Clan?

Thinking about it....this post is exactly about what Dave Chappelles show's central theme was. The fact is that black people and white people live in drastically different worlds. Its crazy. The only reason I have proof of this is because I got to witness slightly the world of whites as a young college student. I learned that they speak a whole different language. Oh its english but the first couple of weeks I was there I didnt understand a damn word of what was being said. I learned that they have abbreviations for everything like "Chicken Parm" or "mint condish". It was bizzarre. I had entered a world of complete ignorance and vulnerability wondering how in the hell was I going to fit in. After a couple of years I had smoothed out all the rough edges yet still complained at the fact that I had to go through that time of uncomfortability while they (the white people) were chilling in a world that was ultimately familiar to them. I guess I couldnt complain too much, I chose to go to that school just like they did so I chose to take on whatever came with it. BUT...i cant help but wonder what it would be like to have a white person have to adjust to a culture shift just as I did. Yeah youve got the ones who studied abroad in Africa but that dont count, Im talking about here in America. You see, white people dont like feeling uncomfortable...yall know that shit is true. If I ask my white friends to come with me to a party, usually they'll be like, is it a BLACK thing...? or are all the black people gonna look at me like im crazy...? This statement always offended me because as inviting as they had been to me, they would assume that they wouldn't be as comfortable around some of my friends. The sad thing is that they probably have a right to be a little bit uncomfortable. People in general dont like to be uncomfortable, I cant fault people who have only 3 black friends to be uncomfortable around black people. Its just an unfortunate truth that we all have to deal with. That being said there are some cultural differences that black people "get" and white people just dont.

As far as jokes that white people will never get. Ive got a couple for you...

1. White people will never get the CP (colored people) time joke. You can explain it to them but they still wont get it. Not that its a concept that is beyond their brain capacity. Its because they've never lived that shit. When you go to a "black" event on time KNOWING you could be waiting for at least 30 mins for that shit to start...everytime...then you get it.

2. Pretty much every joke that are in the Madea movies. white people will chuckle to themselves KNOWING they dont get them. Too many black culture references for them to catch most of them.

3. References from "Friday" movies..."You just got knocked the F*ck OUT!!" "Top Flight Security of the World Craig" "Pimp Down!!"...3 statements you could say around black people and they would know exactly what your talking about and where they came from....white people im not so sure.

4. Jokes black people make on each other about skin color. eg "Lets put it like this. He wouldnt pass the brown paper bag test"...sad but true.

5 Black greek life jokes. Black greek life is something that most black people have known something about from a young age...the jokes about black greek life stereotypes confuse white people to no end. This pic explains why they are confused....because it confuses me as well.

**side note** ill admit that any joke on white people that ANYONE makes...i have to laugh at. I really do like white people but its just a guilty pleasure.

Dave Chappelle joked on white people the a way that they could laugh at. Smart man.

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