Sunday, November 15, 2009


today's topic: random

- fantasy football is incredibly addictive.
- i had no idea tiny (t.i.'s wife) was in xscape. she fell off hard in the looks department
- maury povich will always be one of my favorite shows. i love when the women don't know who the father is; i hate when the bitches have closure
- who are these people still buying spam? spam should be illegal
- i have two slight addictions in life: golden krust food & baked chicken....i love to eat
- michelle obama looks like her breath would stank...when i meet her, i'm offering her some altoids off suspicion alone
- have you ever farted in the produce section of the grocery store, and feel bad for the people who buy the fruit
- i've noticed people who talk too much, have ashy lips
- people who complain about drama, are the ones causing drama
- if you ever need to stock up on ho's for your rotation, go to'll re-up quick
- old school country music is quickly becoming my shit
- who would you rather not be with: a stripper or a pornstar?
- i'd rather be with the stripper. i feel it would be calming to the mind to know your girl is showing her pussy but not giving it up
- for babies to be so small, they have the worst farts
- i have a confession: wacka flocka flame's: o let's do it my shit
- chris tucker is a lucky dude: he does a movie every 5 years and still makes $20 mil a flick....bastard
- white women with ass, you'll always have a place in my heart
- if you're looking for a good beer, starr hill stout is good stuff
- brandon jennings. i'm on the bandwagon
- wale's attention deficit: go buy it. it's dope.....there's you go c.woods

- i miss being in middle school and giving people the stone cold stunner. that is the greatest wrestling move ever
- one of these days, i'm gonna flirt with the wal-mart door greeters. just for extra stickers
- the new jordan's are getting uglier and uglier. j's fell off a LONG time ago. save your money, niggas
- i hate talking to people on the train with the "i didn't brush my teeth, but i ate a bagel instead breath" in the morning
- buggers. nature's gold
- america should have a fart competition right after the hot dog competition. you can't eat 68 hot dogs and not have to fart
- mcdonald's has some weird looking people who work there
- i sleep better when a woman is in my bed....i have no idea
- speaking of which, i remember billy ocean had the song: "i sleep much better (in someone else's bed)".....i can tell he wasn't a playa
- i wonder how much hair grease p uses
- have you been in the car listening to a song on the radio, and heard the car beside you playing the same song, and then you turn yours off?
- plaintains...gotta love 'em.
- i find if hard to believe kirk franklin had an addiction to porn. which is a shame, because you can't get to heaven on a porn ticket
- as a child, i thought white people had white poo and black people had black poo
- does anyone remember encyclopedia brown books?
- slum village: fan-tas-tic vol. 2 is easily one of my favorite rap albums ever
- i love hearing fat people breathe....every breath is like audio porn
- if you are a man, and you do not have hair on your ass and nuts, you are irregular
- the best domestic beer is coors light
- hooters wings = overrated
- nobody on the planet wants to see me in super mario world
- favorite record of 2009: my girls by animal collective
- james bond is a sucker....who should've died in every movie
- and finally, if you eat ramen noodles, your breath will stink


Wistopher said...

thanks Bob George. i'll go out and purchase wale today!

LuvliLadi said...

Omg! You can NOT talk about Michelle Obama like that. And I've told you about talking about fat people, only in private. And maybe if you saw more naked men that aren't present in porn you would know that not all guys have hair on there butts. lol These random posts of yours are definitely random. Stone Cold, love him! The random lesbian pic of bald blondy and friend.....? ok lol