Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I hate my job...

So people have been telling me to blog about my job. Why? Because it sucks. I work at a Virginia ABC Store, aka a liquor store. A lot of people think working at a liquor store would be fun because you are surrounded by booze all day. They think you get a discount on liquid gold. Both of these statements are FALSE. The job sucks, and the characters you interact get on my damn nerves. I took the liberty tonight at work to compile all the shit (mostly the people) that piss me off and get on my nerves. The job sucks…

Read my venting... NOW.

~Impatient people.

~White boys who act as though they have something to prove to the black guy.

~People who take their job too seriously.

~People without power who act like they do.

~People who think they are better than others.

~Co-workers who make horrible music and ask me to listen to it. I’m too nice to tell you it sucks.

~Cindy. I hate that bitch.

~People who don’t take their damn receipts and leave them on the counter. I’m not the garbage man.

~People who already smell like alcohol and are looking to purchase more.

~Asians. They NEVER know what they want.

~Customers with “the shakes” that are buying alcohol for me.

~Older ladies who sing “I love it when you call me big poppa” to me in attempts to get my attention.

~Old Italians who refer to black people as “mooks” to me, also a black person.

~Co-workers who suggest I use Viagra on my girlfriend.

~People who come in and pretend to be drunk already. If I told your ass you can’t buy shit, you’d be mad at me right?

~People of the orient. They never know what they want.

~People who ask me if I believe the governor of Virginia is really going to privatize the liquor industry. I really don’t care.

~People who come in “just to look” and don’t buy shit. I think they’re stealing, but I don’t care enough to investigate.

~People who come in the store and interrupt me when I’m on the phone w/ Jonny Casanova. I know I’m at work but I wanna talk shit about you to my friend so leave.

~Former employees of the Virginia ABC and wanna talk all damn day as if they already know everything. Get out.

~Customers to talk to me about fucking. WE ARE NOT FRIENDS.

~Customers who don’t like the way I bag their shit. Does it matter? The shit inside will STILL get you drunk.


~Customers who beat me to work even when I open the store. They just wait outside in the cold. Alcoholics.

~Fred Smoot.

~People who ask for beer.

~People who act like it’s my fault we don’t have what they want.

~Why do the Mexicans always ONLY have $100 bills?

~People who only buy the mini bottles of alcohol. Restocking those tiny ass bottles with my big meaty hands is a BITCH.

~Gay niggas who try to buy $1700 in alcohol, including Nuvo, with stolen credit cards.

~The co-worker who always calls outta work.

~The fact that the managers are ok w/ aforementioned co-worker nigga never showing up and making me work harder for the same amount of money.

~THE BITCH WHO KEEPS TRYING TO SELL ME COLOGNE (bootleg Polo Black) OUT HER DAMN PURSE! Waddle ur ass back to ur car and go home.

~Truck day. Unloading that thing is a bitch.

I’m done venting… I hate my job. Think urs is worse? Try me.

L’Chaim…. P!ed P!per

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