Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tiger Tiger Woods Ya’ll

So Tiger is up to 9 broads he’s cheated with… These are three reasons why I think this is true. These are also reasons why guys cheat. Ladies, please pay attention…

1) We get bored- Keep it spicy ladies. Do some internet research, find out how to do somethings you don’t know how to do already. Surprise a dude. We get tired of banging the same chick all the time. Doesn’t mean we need a brand new chick, we just need for you to come at us with different approaches. Just be butt naked when I come in from work one day. Just pull out my jones while were watching TV and do something unexpected. No prompting. Keep us guessing and we’ll do the same.

2) We love the chase more than the prize- The chase makes the first hook-up feel like a prize. Guys think, “This is it. I been trying so hard for this moment. NOW I get to capitalize” After the capitalization, some dudes just wanna move on and find a new prize. Don’t get attached and you’re not getting cheated on.

3) CUZ HE CAN- Tiger Woods is the number one athlete in the world. He can do as many blonde bimbos as he wishes. I mean he apparently sucks as a family man cuz he cheated on his wife and his kids in my opinion, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the number didn’t reach 15 or 20. I’m sure he’s cheated with at least that many.

And now a sentence about each one of the women he has cheated with THUS far…

tiger woods women list

This one is SMART.  She shut the hell up til she got a lawyer.  She bout to get paid.  She dope wit two ugly dogs. A rich white woman.

tiger woods women listThey say she's one of the least cutest of the bunch, if she's the worst, Tiger got game.

tiger woods women list

She's ok.  Niggas like chicks with power.  He can beat it up and feel like he accomplished something.  Smash with the power of the cash.

tiger woods women list

She's soooo cute and adorable.  Also looks like his wife.  Tiger likes the baby face too.

tiger woods women list

This bitch is using the receipts from wire transfers from Tiger to gain custody of her son.  She know how to use a nigga with money.

tiger woods women list

EVERY nigga wanna have sex with a white porn star.  Don't let a single one lie to you.  I just wish Tiger woulda looked a bit harder...

tiger woods women list

 Tiger. WTF. She is BUSTED.  Tiger is slackin in his pimpin'.  You should never cheat with a chick uglier than the chick you already got.  Rule #1.

tiger woods women list
This porn star is a step up, or maybe im just partial to blondes.  How do YOU feel about fake titties Tiger?

~There's another chick trying to stay hidden, she gonna be put on blast eventually...

~The ninth one is the funniest one to me.  She hasn't completely come out yet, but she was having an affair with Tiger BEFORE he got married... How does that shit work?

Keep fucking Mr. Woods...

L'Chaim.... P!ed P!per

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Leslie said...

Very informative. I refuse to watch the news about TW, so seeing the ladies here is helpful. Looks like he completely ignored his standards on a few of these girls.