Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve!

I've been on the road all day 5ivebruhs fam so sorry this is a lil late.  But i only have two things to talk about right now.  One of these things pisses me the hell off and the other makes have a sinister smile inside everytime.  (Sorry this is about to be a lil half-assed but you will get the point)

The thing I hate? Mufuckin traffic.  I honestly believe there are three or four mufuckers in foreign import vehicles who drive onto the highway and take up all the lanes.  They then slow down to about 6 miles per hour and make the ppl behind them stop, and once they have a long enough line of saps, they take the fuck off. Why do I say this?  Doesn't it always seem like when you get to the end of the traffic AINT SHIT THERE?!  Like why the hell was everyone driving so slow?  It's those three or four mufucks I was talking about earlier.  I wanna let Mike Tyson anally masacre them.

And the thing that makes me smile inside everytime with a slight bit of evil? Saying "Merry Christmas" to EVERYONE. Forget that PC bullshit.  I say it to Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Atheists, Africans in Dashikis and Bums.  I don't care about what you celebrate cuz im all about that Christmas nigga. Saying "Happy Holidays" is for suckers who care about every damn body.  If you like Christmas, I like you.  And if you celebrate something else not gonna say I don't like you, but Christmas is where it's at.  Cookies and milk son! Well time to get back to the family!



L'Chaim (for my Jews)...... P!ed P!per

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