Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Listening Under the Influence

Now if you dont smoke (scratch that, many of you probably have jobs with rules which vehemently prohibit such activities) if you have NEVER smoked weed...first of all im sorry for you because as you have read (for you dedicated 5ivebruhs fans) I, Jonny Casanova, have broken down all the perks of indulging in the beautiful soul flower in the post "Its from the Earth". But I digress. For those of you who do, or are open to the idea, I must say one of my favorite things to do besides sloppily "murdalizing" a footlong sub with EVERYTHING on it, is listen to music. For some reason I can hear it better or something. I dont know, but its a glorious experience. So, I want to share this with you all. I will drop some songs that sound extremely better when ur a little lifted. Don't judge just take my advice...if you try this and don't find yourself chilling on cloud 11 then...uhhh...i dont know just try it, its fun...So without further adieu here you go...Your Welcome.

*Sidenote* All of these are also very creative interpretations of each song and do things with film that are pretty cool....so if your into that,youll also find enjoyment in that aside from you being under the influence.

so apparently the band Portishead is not allowing you to embed ANY of their videos...BUT this song and video is worth redirecting to YouTube for about 5 minutes and watching it. This song is definitely one of my favorite all time. So heres the link...sorry about that folks.


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