Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The ONLY Black Guy

For my black male 5ivebruhs readers, you probably know the direction I’m taking with this. Being the only black dude unfortunately can be a stressful and annoying situation for a number of reasons. I am here to break down a couple of reasons why being the only black dude in certain situations can wear on you over time. Its inevitable, however, that you as a black male will have to face this situation. Being the only black dude is very common in the collegiate and professional world. You gotta face it sometime. Although most of my my experiences as the only black dude have been favorable overall its those little uncomfortable moments that seem to threaten to ruin it.

One good reason why being the only black dude gets annoying over time is for the comradery you feel sometimes from having someone there that you feel like may have grown up similarly to you. Just like on the first day of school in college when I THOUGHT I was gonna be the only black dude in class then…guess who walked in… The P!ed P!per himself. I thought to myself. “HELL YEAH!! This niggas gonna be my dude” There was an empty chair beside me and I knew he was gonna sit there and we would forge a friendship from that moment on. NOPE!!! That nigga went and sat beside 2 white girls. I thought “Fucking Sellout”. That was the wrong thing to think and that move was probably all apart of HIS strategy not to pigeon hole himself which I was shamelessly willing to do. Plus he didn’t really like me I found out later. Somehow we became the best of friends but that story’s much too long to tell.

Another reason why being the only black dude sucks is that there is always one asshole who feels like it needs to be pointed out that there is a black man in the room. As if no one recognized that shit when I walked into the room at the party. This guy or girl is probably trying to assess your “blackness” to see what kind of statements they can get away with before you snap. They will say things like. “Yeah that guys not really black, he’s like that Obama black” or “SOMEBODY went to college, where’d YOU learn to speak like that??”. The mature way to combat this is to ignore the ignorant or point out there ignorance in a classy way therefore not playing into the stereo types they’ve predetermined and being the bigger person. If you’re like me though, you’ll point out some fucked up shit about them that they’re probably insecure about and go HARD on there ass!! That’s the funniest and most rewarding way to handle it to me (at least in college/at parties… wouldn’t wanna lose your job making fun of people in the office…)

In short all black men have to deal with this either in the work place or social situations. It’s just an annoying fact of life. I know at least all the 5ivebruhs members have dealt with it. You can either find away to make it work or completely alienate yourself from your peers. It’s really up to you.

<--this guy know WTF Im talking me

Happy Holidays and if you find yourself the only black dude at a Christmas party and someone tries to get stupid…don’t hesitate to forsake the Christmas spirit and get in that ASS!

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The Pied Piper said...

Damn dog. A Sellout? HAHA, and i hated yo skinny ass... Cuz you didnt wanna kick it wit me and my "coalition of niggas". Bitch ass! lol. Merry christmas nigget!