Monday, December 14, 2009


today's topic: music

tv on the radio - dear science: my favorite album of all-time. if you don't like this album, i don't like you

the roots - game theory: this is what classic hip-hop should sound like. this sound is timeless. favorite rap album of all-time

the black keys - attack & release: dangermouse has good ears

d'angelo - voodoo: sonically, there has never been a better r&b album.

little brother - the minstrel show: soph. year of college....good times.

j dilla - donuts: dilla's magnum opus....RIP.

little brother - the listening: NC represent!!!! buy this album.

tv on the radio - return to cookie mountain: my favorite song in LIFE is wolf like me....i get extremely energized listening to that record.

q-tip - the renaissance: i've never been more excited for an album coming out. it came out election day of 2008. i listened to this album as i voted for pres. obama

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