Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jonny Says: That Aint Reality!?!?!

Upon graduating college just recently, I have dont a couple of things that I never thought I would do. One of those things is getting a job that I absolutely HATE...but thats another post for another day. The other thing I never thought I would do was to get addicted to TV specifically reality television shows. You gotta understand, in college I was the main person judging people who had Real Housewives of "whatever" partys in their dorm rooms. I mean dont get me wrong I was a fan of the classics (Real World, etc) but this "new aged" reality stuff was something I never wanted to get into. I didnt understand the point and on top of that, I was WAY too busy with school itself and had no time to be watching TV.

When I graduated, ALL of that changed. I had literally nothing to do and the job search consumed my life. In between my constant internet surf through the labyrinth of various websites that didn’t help me whatsoever, I would drown my frustrations in reality TV. I became addicted. It was so damn entertaining. Just good clean ridiculous fun. I’m still a big fan. My introduction was the Real Housewives of New Jersey and from there Top Chef and Real Chance of Love, The TO Show and much more. I must say that I’m judging myself as I write this but its all true. I think the reason for my change of heart was first the novelty of having the time to watch the shows but after that it was the entertainment that regular people were able to provide me. People making fools out of themselves for “love” or going about there “daily” life surrounded by an extreme amount of drama was just so entertaining. It seems that we as a society have this fascination with watching “real” people that have “extreme” lives. It’s a great escape from real life. We get to look at what seems to be regular people who are completely willing to forsake there own dignity and pride for the sake of fame and attention. When you think about it like that its actually kind of sad.

Recent media frenzies have really exposed not only our society’s need for attention but our society’s shamless willingness to give people the attention they so desperately desire.

Balloon Boy- was the first time Ive ever seen someone admit someone to doing something solely for fame. These people had the world mystified for a hoax that’s purpose was to get the family a reality show. This family was asked to be on ALL of the major TV news and talk shows which isn’t cheap. All that white man had to do was make a fucking UFO and send that shit up and got PAID. The sad thing is that even though they didn’t get the show they wanted and were found out, they still got the attention they wanted. That’s some BULLSHIT.

The Salahis- I’d actually like to thank these asswipes for exposing how easy it could be to kill 2 of our most important political figures in the President and VP. My GOD do these people have no shame. This couple came uninvited to a White House dinner in order to pad their resume as socialites to land a spot of the new season of Real Housewives: DC edition. They are seen taking pictures with VP Joe Biden and various other high profile guests. Now they probably wont get a spot on the show BUT what they will get is a bunch of interviews that will probably put some cash in their pocket. More BULLSHIT.

Lastly is a more personal experience with reality television. I actually have an old friend who made her debut last night on one of the most negative reality shows for troubled women. I will not put her name out there (not that she hasn’t already lol) or the show in order to maintain my own anonymity but I will say that that the show is full of girls who are really “Bad” *hint*. My problem with this is that I don’t know her as that. She is a very intelligent and seemingly well mannered young lady. I watched the show last night in tears…….OF LAUGHTER. I was dying watching each and every ridiculous situation they got in and seeing her on the tube had me wondering WHY she would want to be apart of it. I will say this, she was the most well behaved of the group. I just hope that when this show is over with and the “celebrity” wears off then she can continue to be successful. It just amazes me the lengths that people will go for the sake of fleeting celebrity.

Well, you can have it cuz that aint reality....

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