Thursday, July 4, 2013

Illuminati On The Subway?? *VIDEO*

I wanna talk ILLUMINATI.  I can't tell you how annoyed I am by people using this term.  The funny thing to me is that as long as this organization has supposedly been around, we've only been talking about it for like 4 years in popular culture.  When I say "we" I mean Black People.  It seems the illuminati rumors got real heavy around the election 2008.  Then Jay Z took rap braggadocio to a new level when he started mentioning Obama in tracks.  Black people create the equation rap + government= some goofy illuminati shit.  I just didnt compute in our minds that the PRESIDENT could be friends with a rapper. Then all these questions about the dollar bill and symbols and the ROC hand sign and all this ridiculous shit started going around.  To this day no one has been able to explain to what the illuminati is what their goals are and given over 3 minutes to explain they start sounding dumb and hit a wall.  So for the illuminati theorists I have some questions for you...Is illuminati a term we used to make sense of the popularity and success of our black public figures?  Why does the illuminati care so much about hip hop?

Listen, the illuminati may exist but I guarantee you the dont give a shit about Jay Z.  I guarantee he'll say the word in the album though.  In todays age "illuminati" is a buzz word that is used to get attention.  Jay Z is probably delighted to be associated with this organization since now he can make money off the hype.  So if that's the case the illuminati is really our most successful advertisement and hash tags or most provocative news entity.  These are the organizations that are running things on a surface level that touches the people more directly.  I have learned to respect marketing and advertising as a form of art.  The lowest form, but a form nonetheless.  There is something to be said about having the ability to create trends and hype and grab the attention of millions.  Obviously this is why the viral video is a phenomenon that people are now learning how to manipulate to generate revenue.  A process that eludes me.

I bring this up as a piggy back off a convo I had with 5iveBruhs contributor Brudda J yesterday.  We were talking about how marketing and ads are becoming a little invasive at this point.  Advertisements used to be a known means of funding our beloved television programs or would appear on the pages we would skip in the magazine to get to the articles, but now advertisements have evolved to be catered to your personality, your google searches, and shopping history etc.  The question is how far will marketing gurus go in order to get information to you??  Brudda J is a conspiracy theorist and he believes that Siri is not only a voice activated entity of your google search engine but is also a means of listening in on conversation.  Ridiculous right?  I know it is.  But I understand that his wariness comes from a desire to maintain a sliver of privacy in this digital age.  I get that but I also respect a well placed ad catered to me and delivered at the right time when I actually wanted the product.  I used to be one that shunned the new and especially the popular.  I have learned over the years that there is no use fighting it.  The machine's gonna get you one way or another.  The internet, new technology, and social media is forcing those in advertising to get creative in the ways they push products to people.

Heres a hypothetical for you.  Say you're on the Subway, the Metro, Tube, MTA whatever train system you have and while dozing off you rest your head on the window and suddenly hear a voice selling you Pepsi. You wake up startled and the voice stops until you rest your head on the window again.  Yes it was the window that was delivering the ad to you.  Creepy right??  Now what if I told you this is going to become a reality.  Check out the video below.
Happy July Fourth BTW
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Anonymous said...

1) Brudda J is right. Siri is evil.
2) You trying to tell me people can't nap without getting fed ads?
3) Brudda J is right.
4) This is Brudda J.