Friday, July 19, 2013

You Said What About Oprah

Today I was prepared to right a soul stirring  article in reference to Obama addressing the Trayvon Martin verdict.  Then I was riding in the car with my wife and heard the audio of Rae Dawn Chong and all I could thing was "You said what about OPRAH!"
This chick did an interview attacking and dissing Oprah on several different levels.  She said Oprah would be a field nigga.  She know Oprah don't like the word NIGGA!  What nobody takes shots at OPRAH WINFREY!!  Let me give you her credentials so we can establish her credibility, don't worry it won't take long.  She hasn't been relevant since "The Color Purple" when she played alongside Oprah.  Everyone remembers Oprah lines ("Until you do right by me," "You told Harpo to beat me!").  I don't remember anything Rae Dawn Chong said in the name a line she had, don't worry I'll wait!

If Oprah wanted to say something about her I would say dang, kind of petty but Oprah is worth billions.  When I hear Chong's interview I say hoe do you know Oprah is worth billions.  She will pimp slap you to death with her money! 

It seemed as though there was a lot of hate in this interview.  I will only give my thoughts on one of her comments of hate.  "Chong says Oprah is a great brown-noser and then talked about how Oprah would enter a room find the most powerful person in the room and befriend them.  Hoe, do you think Oprah is worth billions of dollars because she sat in the background looking at the powerful!  She saw opportunity and went to capture it.  Hence the reason I know Oprah's name and I didn't know who Rae Dawn Chong was until i stumbled upon this hater filled interview.  I'm not a huge Oprah fan because she thinks I shouldn't use the word nigga, but I dislike unjustified haters!

To conclude I will use a quote I first heard from a fellow 5ivebruhs blogger, Bob George....STAY IN YOUR LANE!  Her status doesn't allow her to talk hate millionaires and definitely not billionaires.  She needs to hate on common folk and her neighbors, not celebrities.  She better not ever say anything like this again.  Rae Dawn Chong should be careful or she may end up like Harpo courtesy of Oprah's money!  (view video below)

Here is the link to the NY Times take on the matter:

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