Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Been a rough morning...

So this morning has been less than desirable.

For starters, its my morning to walk my new puppy. When I walk in to get him I see he has destroyed his bed and left green fuzzy stuff all over my living room. I'm pissed. I go to scold him and he decides he's pissed or rather wants to piss. He does this on the floor when I grab his collar.

I burned my tongue on my coffee on the drive to work.

My check engine light comes on.

I get to the base where I work and the over zealous security dude tells me my registration is expired. "I know sir, I'm giving this car to my brother in NC next weekend and didn't want to pay for registration for a year to use it for only two weeks."  He tells me to turn around and I'm not allowed on base. "BUT I WORK HERE!" I get turned around and he radios to the other gates "License plate Echo Charlie blah blah blah got rejected due to blah blah blah. Please be advised" Asshole.

I have to pay to park at a metro station and have a co-worker pick me up. Thanks Laquisha.

Furlough is still in effect.

I find out I have to go to a sexual harassment training for two hours this morning. Damnit.

However, all in all, my morning has to be better than Ginuwine's when this happened.

Oh well. I'll write a real post next week. I'm highly annoyed. So I guess I'm the Tyrese of the office this morning...

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