Wednesday, July 3, 2013


One of the biggest and media hypes cases of our generation is underway. Probably since Orenthal James killed his wife Nicole and tried to get away in a vehicle that reaches max speeds of 85 mph and is the size of a utility shed.
If you have no idea what I’m referring to, you probably wouldn’t like our blog anyway. The trial of George Zimmerman really has me a bit perplexed. If you don’t know anything about it HERE is a decent site that sums it up until this point.

I don't like George Zimmerman and I really feel some sort of way about this whole case. To me, the facts are pretty simple. To hell with Florida law.  If this LIGHT SKINNED HISPANIC (as the news was to hell-bent to point out to reduce racial implications) starts a conflict and as a result has to “defend” himself and shoots an innocent teen, his ass ought to fry.  Now let me back up a second to everyone who’s first statement is that this case has nothing to do with race. Yes it does and I don't care what race Zimmerman is. Trayvon Martin was profiled because he was a young black man. He was chased due to this profiling and subsequently killed. The police knowing Florida law, initially, did not charge George with any crime because Trayvon was a young black man.  If a young white girl was the victim here, regardless of the race of the assailant, that dude would have been slapped with murder and a few other accusations. Its sad to say but race is still a huge part of our lives everyday.

The prosecution is in the process of painting an image of Zimmerman as a vengeful racist who knew what he was doing and got over zealous in his pursuit of a potential wrong doer. They are using his previous failed attempts to be a police officer to show his eagerness to enforce the law. Meanwhile, the defense is simply trying to cause confusion and bring in doubt about what actually happened that night.  They have already drilled Trayvon’s friend Rachel Jeantel, who was the last person to talk to Trayvon, to prove inconsistencies in her story at the expense of her spirit and against her will.

To me, all the facts that matter to me are that this dude was told NOT to get out of his car, to NOT pursue Trayvon and to NOT be a hero. This dude is guilty. If a dude is chasing me in the darkness for no apparent reason I’m only going to try to get away for so long. After a while, I’m going to try to beat his monkey ass. And my guess is this is what Trayvon did. And when George was catching that “L” he pulled out his gun and shot him.  Taking an ass whooping never justifies a killing in my opinion, especially if you start the damn fight. Like Mr. Jones said in the classic Friday with his fists raised, “You win some, you lose some. But you live. You live to fight another day.” Not to mention, the medical examiner just said that Zimmerman’s scars from the night of the altercation were insignificant. If I go stand on the edge of a cliff to look over the edge and a strong gust of wind blows my dumb ass off I’m not going to curse the wind. I’m blaming myself because I knew the possibility of wind was there. Or like trying to snatch that bucket of chicken from Precious as she ran down the block. "You lose that battle, you lose that battle 9 times out of 10 (Will Farrell). Just like George knew that if he caught up to Trayvon, he could get that ass beat. 
I mean this dude is guilty. This should be evident. Not to mention George has put on at least 120 pounds in the last year.  Some say it’s a ploy to make him seem like a wimp or that he’s stressed. As a bigga nigga, I resent that. I like to think my large physique makes someone think twice about running up on me. My theory? This dude knows he’s going to jail because he knew his intentions that night and has been enjoying his damn life. Eating all the burgers and ham hocks he can get his pudgy fingers on. Probably been enjoying the money he's getting from his 15 minutes of fame. Fat bitch.

He knows everyone hates him because he did something stupid. And he knows what he did was just that. Stupid. George, you were doing too much! He was too anxious. This is what happens when you try to lane hop. Stay in yours. He knows he didn’t and shouldn’t have chased him. He knows he was thinking, “When’s the next chance I’ll have to chase a potential criminal”.   If he’s stressed its not because he knows he’s innocent, its because he’s worried about what’s for lunch and what his last meal as a free man will be. Fry that monkey. Curious George always had to face the consequences in the end in the books. Time to make that a reality.  Hell let him walk free, but make him walk to his car. He probably wouldn't make it alive.

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