Thursday, July 18, 2013

DFTF : NY Edition

Ok im gonna leave Trayvon Martin alone this time around. I will say I do agree woth the 3 previous posts about him for consistency sake. So with that said I will change the subject. I have a question for you. You ever had a dream not like the unconcious kind and not quite like the Martin Luther King kind but somewhere in the middle. A desire, a want, you get the picture now. Yeah me too. I had this dream to move to NY and attempt to start a life and career there. Over the years I have had offers and  opportunities thrown my way which didnt pan out because of timing or money or responsibility or all three. I find myself now with a great opportunity once again to try to realize a dream not without its handicaps. These handicaps would deter most people but I have I have learned that nothing worh doing is risk free. Could it fail? Absolutely. Does that scare me? Only when I think about it. But then I think about all the amazing things that have happened in my life and how many of those things involved risk and adventure and a wave of excitement engulfs the fear.  I kind of get off on adventure.   As a kid I was a pirate fan, and an underdog fan, loved reading stories of explorers and pioneers. The audacity of those figures to believe they had the  stones to take on the status quo intrigued and inspired me. It still inspires me. Bottom line is I'm on he verge of doing something that even I think is crazy. Am I doing it for the life experience? Nah that phase is over. Its time to try something new. Put myself up against seemingly insurmountable odds and try to come out on top. Keep me in your prayers. I'll keep you posted.

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