Tuesday, July 2, 2013


SMH @ Optimus Negro. How you named “Negro” and not watching the BET Awards? Shame on you. The BET Awards is the Super Bowl of Black Twitter.

20 Random BET Award Notes.

1. BET always does the tribute portion better than any other award show. Charlie Wilson gave a great performance. Sounds even better live. You could tell he was very happy to have his moment in the spotlight. After everything he’s been through, it’s well deserved. He’s gonna kill at EssenceFest.

2. The world finally knows black people’s little secret: Chris Tucker is not funny. He’s funny in a movie (Friday, Rush Hour, Money Talks), but not standup funny. Even when he was popping, he was only doing 10 minute sets, at the most. He started off decent, then after 10 minutes started playing a game of “who’s in the house….” Nothing says struggle jokes like “Kevin Hart, I see your feet in the driver’s license picture.”

3. I appreciate Meagan Goode’s titties. I spent a good 30 seconds just hoping for a wardrobe malfunction.

4. Do not run up on Gabby Douglas. She is not playing games with you n-words.

5. Kendrick Lamar, learn from Andre 3000 and Common…when it comes to Erykah Badu, hit and quit it. I know she got a phatty, but unless you wanna start eating soybeans and wearing crotchet pants…I suggest you smash and pass it off to Schoolboy Q.

6. Props to Jamie Foxx for keeping Trayvon Martin alive, but you need to wrap up the speeches B. No need to thank God, the Management, and Kevin Hart. Pick two, and sit down…..also, he ruined Yearning For Your Love. AAARRRUUHHH Kelly was right there. He should’ve sang it instead.

7. El DeBarge is back on that stuff.

8. Apparently, he gave some to Paula Patton….get ya woman Robin Thicke.

9. The gospel portion of the BET Awards should be during the humanitarian segment of the award show. Either that or during the “Calvin Got a Job” segment. Not during titties and bitches.

10. Kevin Hart…the shtick is getting gold.

11. It’s time to retire the phrase “turnt up”

12. Gabrielle Union is destined for a career of tv-made movies on Centric or TV-One.

13. AAARRRUUHHH Kelly got HITS!!!

14. Best Man Holiday is gonna make some money. Everybody black is going to see that movie.

15. I think Miguel learned his lesson.

16. J.Cole can rap very well…but he is just a boring individual. His album is boring. His performances are boring. When he’s on the stage, I’m using those 5 minutes to make a sandwich. J Cole is audio ambien.

17. Player Hater of the Year award goes to: Ron Isley.

18. Ciara wore all the money she ever made.

19. When I heard Dawn on my TV…I knew nothing could go wrong. The Dancehall portion was hella dope.

20. Ray J is back on that stuff.

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