Thursday, June 20, 2013

6 months of sobriety....HOLY SHIT!

At the beginning of this year I did something that I've done many times, I decided to quit drinking and smoking.  This isn't the first or second time I've attempted this.  I used to do it as a sort of spiritual cleansing that would last at the most 2 weeks, which is less a spiritual cleansing than a detox after months of heavy drinking and bad decision making.  A lot of times this attempt at sobriety would have been an flimsy promise at best.  I recall one time I decided to quit drinking and found my self an hour later in a pizza place sharing a pitcher with one of buddies and mid way through pouring Sam Adams down my throat thinking, "FUCK", and carrying on.  This time was different.  I was serious but didn't quite know how serious I was about this.  This was more than a spiritual cleansing.  It was a personal test of will and discipline.  I wanted to prove that I could do it.  To make it more difficult I added (removed) weed to the mix and that was HARD.  Much harder than alcohol.  If anyone has read any of my older posts you know my stance on marijuana, a stance that hasn't changed.  So anyway I've hit the six-month mark and I gotta say.  Life is boring.  You don't realize how much fun life is when you're drinking until you voluntarily given it up. Plus while it didn't necessarily exclude me from social events it definitely put a bit of a strain on me in the beginning.  I fought with my old self thinking maybe I was only fun when I was drinking or smoking then I realized that was completely ridiculous and came to understand that thinking that way is one of the reasons why I should probably continue because all of those internal struggles are a test of will.  Over time the strain in social situations ended and its now become a habit almost like a game to collect as many days or months off drinking or smoking and when you give in you lose the game.  With that said, I have no idea how long I will be on this not drinking or smoking thing.  I do know I will start smoking before I start drinking again.

Here are some things that I have learned during this process.

1.  My life is much more boring
2.  Giving up something doesn't make you a better person
3.  Removing a de-motivator (like weed) doesn't make you more motivated
4.  Drunk people are only more annoying when you don't know them
5.  Being the DD is not so bad
6.  I get a phantom mini hangover when people that start a story with "I was real fucked up"
7.  Smoking weed is awesome but it can be a monumental waste of time
8.  Drinking is ok but its a detrimentally unhealthy vice
9.  Knowing 7 and 8 makes it hard to consider starting back again

Ive learned a shit ton more but I think those 9 get the point across.  DFTF.

Oh and I almost forgot.  On Sunday a harmless internet trolling of Sinbad on twitter for posting an incredibly boring vine turned into one of the most thrilling internet related experiences of my life that didn't involve porn.  Here is the exchange with me and Sinbad.  Gotta understand this nigga was my childhood.  I was so geeked that he came back at me.

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