Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Scary Ass Video Games: The Last of Us

One of the biggest exclusive titles for the PS3 dropped recently. A game that was rated so high, it has my buddies who own Xbox’s, God bless their little souls, wanting to rent my PS3 and the game for $40 for the weekend. This is a no brainer. You get to borrow it for $40.  The game title you ask?
A little background. I for one have never been a fan of the zombie genre of video games because I get too damn stressed. Yes I said it. I get scared like a little bitch. Like Drake fighting a 15 year old bare knuckle or like chickens fear The Colonel. They give you 3 bullets, 9 zombies and herky-jerky controls that make it almost impossible to stop that brain thirsty mofo from flanking you and enjoying a nice neck sandwich. Compliments of my avatar. Shit ain’t for me. I remember the one scary game I sat down and was like, “Dude, don’t be a chicken shit!” was Resident Evil Nemesis.  This was the wrong one to try. Why? Because this big ass super zombie chases you the ENTIRE time you’re playing and you can’t kill him. He just keeps coming and tries to kill you when he catches up. That nigga was like herpes. Just when you forget it exists, it pops up. I fear that big ass zombie in the game and I fear herpes. 

I’m not a fan of being chased in real life or in video games. I’m a fighter not a flighter. The Last of Us gives you the element of surprise and you get to be the aggressor. Much better in my opinion. I feel like a lot of scary games make you the bitch and make you all but helpless in order to get cheap scares. Not a fan.I’ve heard Dead Space is a scarier game, but I digress.

The last of us, although I’m only about 4 stressful hours deep out of 12-16 hours of game play, is a fantastic game. It’s a beautiful creation and is probably the most realistic zombie apocalypse game to date.  You have limited ammo, so no run and gun, and you have to assemble your supplies like healing kits, for example, and heal yourself which takes time. No more running, munching on a magical pill and getting 75% of your life back. You have to find a bottle of rubbing alcohol and some rags to make a disinfecting bandage. So real. Your dude gets shot like two or three times in the body, he’s dead. One to the head and hit that restart button.  Joel, the character you play, is no superman either. This nigga can’t jump high or far, nor is he super fast or strong. Just a regular ass white dude that been through some ish, so he don’t play games. I’m not going to spoil the game for you because I’m sure you ALL are going to play it (sarcasm), but the object is basically navigating the world of zombies for a very specific purpose. Beware of the damn clicker zombie. He’s the one with his head busted wide open in the back on the left.

Ok, so after a not so brief intro to the gaming genre and The Last of Us, I’m going to give you my take on these games.  For me, its about not being a punk ass and beating the game, and on the hardest setting. Its not that damn fun. I don’t want to do like a lot of gamers and play it 3 or 4 times through, I just want to beat it on the ultimate setting once to say I did it. I love scary movies, but all I have to do is watch and be a little nervous. In these games you have to survive yourself. Nerve-wracking. The controls from this game are MUCH better than the Resident Evil series so that helps. It feels very much like the Uncharted game series, but your guy is much more “normal” and not an athletic gawd. This genre of gaming is always gory and I seriously would never let my kids play them. Thankfully growing up my parents didn’t know much about the gaming world.  

All in all, I WILL beat this effing game. I have to will myself to play it everytime to keep my thug status. Haha. Hardly. Either way, that $60 I spent on the game won’t go to waste because I’m more frugal then scared. So is it really about having fun? To me its about the challenge and overcoming. Got to prove to myself that I can survive a zombie apocalypse. I must really have issues if I’m paying to do something that I don’t think is a ton of fun. Pray for me.

Oh, PS… Reserve your PS4 people! Don’t miss out! NERD STATUS BABY!!

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