Saturday, June 8, 2013

The David Stern Project

The 2013 NBA playoffs have been one of the best in a while.  I believe the matchups have been great, we have had a few underdog teams (Bulls and Golden State) win some series and the Eastern Conference champs were pushed to the limit against the Pacers.  I want you to know before I go any further that I dislike the Heat.  Not because of the Big 3, but beause I believe David Stern put them in the finals.  Hence the reason this article is entitled the the David Stern Project.

If you didn't already know this is Commissioner David Stern's final season and who would want to go out with a great championship series!  I believe Stern wants a great series and fixed it to be that way.  Lets examine some of the clues.  The Spurs win the western  conference championship.  Now you have the Tim Duncan story.  Timmy winning a championship and retiring is a big story, but you can't put story up against the Pacer or Bulls who have no real appeal.  The Pacer style of play is boring and the Bulls would most certainly lose without a star and most of the team playing with serious injuries.  Insert the Miami Heat.  The Heat have the controversial BIG 3, they have the 4 time MVP, and they will win not 1, not 2, not 3 and you know the rest.  Much of America will watch to cheer for the Heat or just to see them lose.  I'm not a Spurs fan, I just want the Heat to lose!

Now you have the series of the possible great retirement of Tim Duncan vs.  The team with all the spotlight, but how did the Heat get so many followers on their way to the championship series.   Lets examine their series wins.  First, they play the Bucks and they should have won and I have no grips about that.  Now lets move to the injury Bulls.  The Bulls are my team, but I knew they would not win the series until I was given some hope when my Bulls won game 1.   At that point I believe Stern got nervous and hit the panic button and call a referee only meeting.  Every game since game 1 of the Bulls series has had many controversial calls made by the referees.  Look at game 1 and 2 of the Pacer series.  The referees didn't do a good acting job in those games.  They were blatantly making calls that favored the Heat.  I believe Stern had another refs only meeting and told them to do a better acting job.  They did well until Lebron James went 41 minutes with only 1 foul!!!!  In the end the Pacer made the series, but they could not overcome the refs and Lebron James, not the Heat, but the refs and Lebron James made a great team.

I said I was going to boycott the finals since the Heat made it, but I believe the refs will not play a part in this series, because not matter who comes out on top it will still be a win for David Stern.  I think I will watch and again I will root against the Heat.  I believe it will be a good series and both teams will play hard.  Hoping to see the Spurs in 6.  Hope Timmy Duncan can consider retirement with another Championship Ring on his finger!  David Stern won't have a problem with that!!!!!!!

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