Friday, June 21, 2013

So Let The Hating Begin

Last night the Miami Heat won their second straigh NBA Championship.  A lot of people or bandwagoners are happy.  We have people on the southside of Chicago celebrating like our Bulls just won (they are always doing backwards stuff) and you have your fans that were hiding after game 5 running out of the closet like.....nevermind (I don't want to get fined by the blog police)!  With this win and the celebrating going on you know the hate for the is coming, so let it begin with me!!!!!!!!!
I will not go into detail about my disgust for them winning because I want to write a short article.  David Stern pulled out all the stops in order to get Miami the win.  I will say throughout the playoffs there have been many questionable calls in favor of the Heat, I was confused as to which team Manu Ginobilli was playing for and the greatest coach still coaching made too many mistakes in this series.  I think the fix was in!  I said I would keep my hate short so thats all folks.  If you would like to join me in hate please comment and we can hate together!

P.s.-I would like to shoutout Juwan Howard for riding the pine to his 2nd meaningless ring.  Did he even dressout at all this year????

For the Miami fans, below is a link of your team celebrating: 

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