Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Deion Sanders Appreciation Post

For a two year period in the NFL (1994, 1995), Deion Sanders was the best defensive player in the league. If it wasn’t for Reggie White, he would’ve gone down as the best defensive player in his era (1985-2000). I could spend the next 3,000 words talking about Deion the football player; however, I’d rather discuss Deion da GAWD Sanders. Swaggaholic. Let’s run down the list:

  • top 3 jheri curl of all time (Ice Cube, Deion, Eric LaSalle in Coming to America)
  • the highstep
  • Must Be the Money (this dude had finger waves….and a pink suit…..#baller)
  • the best touchdown dance of all time...not even close really.
  • getting money in two sports….baseball money is real
  • Straight to My Feet
  • the bandana
  • 1st athlete with a golf cart during OTA’s
  • 1st athlete to create a marketing alter ego in football….successfully (Brian Bosworth wasn’t as fortunate)

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