Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Kanye West released Yeezus today. I’m not going to give a review on Yeezus or talk about his career, because you can read pitchfork for that. I will just say this: I listen to Kanye West simply because the dude makes good music. It’s easy to dislike him. He’s not cool, and he desperately wants you to think he is cool…putting that aside, you can’t deny his music. He’s my generation’s version of Dr. Dre...For me, Yeezus didn’t disappoint.

I like the fact that it isn't cohesive, and at times feels like a mixtape. I like the fact that the subject matter is juvenile and the epitome of having first world problems (why else are you listening to Kanye West if not for first world problems?). I like Daft Punk; they’re heavy on the album. I like College Dropout; ‘Ye through me a bone on Bound 2 (Charlie Wilson killed it). Blood on the Leaves though….at 1:07, FAMU, A&T, and EVERY black high school and university in the South will now begin working on this song. It’s a monster. This is probably the hardest sounding Kanye song he’s made. You could argue Cold, Can’t Tell Me Nothing, and the Swizz version of the Power Remix, but…man Blood on the Leaves is a hard ass song…I didn’t like 808’s; that remains true on this album with Hold my Liquor and Guilt Trip…but I like Yeezus and it’s been on repeat since I got it.

It isn't the groundbreaking album he wants you to think it is. This isn't a game changer, and more people are not going to start listening to house or dancehall music as a result of Yeezus. Mainly because the Kanye version of house and dancehall is so homogenized; however, judging it strictly for what it is and no other external factors, the songs sound good. People tend to overthink Kanye's music and force themselves to like it...mainly out of fear for not seeming cool or understanding of art. Yeezus is a regular ass album by a dude who tried to do something different. And for the most part, it worked.

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