Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Are Cheerios Racist?

So there is a new Cheerios commercial out that shows an interracial couple.  Before I talk about it, watch it.

Black people are in an uproar about this. Why though?  Some comments I have heard are...

-Why the black man gotta be on the couch? This nigga ain't gotta job?
-Why the black man gotta have heart problems? They trying to saying niggas need to eat better.
-This is why interracial couples need not exist. They produce dumb kids.
-The white women is being productive. Why the nigga in sock feet on the couch making a damn mess in the living room?

I was also informed that this is also seen as a racist commercial... I just think its bizarre and weird. For the record, all of the guys in the line up are Tyler the Creator's (the creator of the ad) friends. Obviously the ridiculous looking dudes didn't do it. Hell, I would say goats are out here framing niggas!

What the hell is wrong with people?  In the first example I feel like people just want something to complain about. People automatically key in on anything they can find to be an issue. They want to focus on the "lazy black man" rather than the fact that this little girl loves her pops so much, that she would ruin his St. John's Bay button up to make him healthy. Niggas don't play with that St. John's Bay. Let's focus on the fact that they seem to be well off. Lets focus on the fact that he's in his daughter's life.

I'm in an interracial relationship and live with a white woman and two Asian women. I take couch naps like no other. I often take these couch naps in sock feet, but most times not. I like to the let air get to my feet. This probably make me look more homeless. Does that make me a dead beat nigga mooching off a white woman? What man doesn't enjoy laying on the couch. If the man wasn't laying on the couch on what seems to be a Sunday morning, then I'd be worried.

I really wish that the ad could just be an ad. This has absolutely nothing to do with race. Its about love baby. And whole grain cereal. If you disagree voice your opinion. But c'mon people. Let's focus on some real issues. Like motorcycle safety.

The healing continues.

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