Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Words of Wisdom: God Be Lookin’ Out [True Story]

Last Friday night, I had a real life situation happen to me that I feel like was bound to happen. I don't live in the best of neighborhoods.  I was held up at gun point in the alley behind my house, and I reacted the wrong way. I was feeling good, just left the bar and was on my way to get in my nice warm bed with my nice warm girl when two punk ass niggas decided they wanted to mug me. After a motorcycle accident this is the last thing I needed to happen. The dudes stuck a gun in my back demanding that I “empty my pockets” and the first thing that went through my mind is that this wasn’t real and wasn’t actually happening. So I kept walking as though nothing was going on. After I ignored the punk ass for the second time, he had his boy pistol whip me on the sneak and I later found out that my chin got busted and would require stitches. 

Here is where the lessons start.  I turned around infuriated that this was really happening at which point the dude that had the gun in my back raises it to my head and tells me to empty my pockets yet again. Pride is a dangerous thing and it cometh before the fall. Mix that with anger and you become an instant fool. I said to gunman “if you’re gonna do it then shoot me”(dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever done). He wasn’t prepared for this response and neither was I, but the anger had bubbled over and I pushed the second guy and repeated myself to the first guy. They took another swing at me, failed, and ran off getting nothing from me.  I then thought it was a good idea to get a baseball bat and try to find the assailants, but to no avail. God be looking out. I ran into the cops, gave a report and my girl forced me to get stitches I didn’t think I needed. I definitely needed them. Thank you to my girl and like I said, God be Looking out.

Being quick to anger is something I have come a long way on, but once it hits it hits. I mean I risked my life for 31 damn dollars. I thank my parents and friends for caring enough to call me a fucking idiot. On Saturday night, my mom finally called me to talk about the situation, took her that long to calm down, and she gave some real words of wisdom.  Here are a few of the points that hit home:

·      God be lookin’ out.
·      If you have a reason for niggas to rob you, then you’re doing ok.  Keep your head up and continue to prosper.  If they have nothing to lose, remember that you do and act accordingly.
·      Know that someone in the world loves you and way more than you can comprehend or realize.
·      Know that your life has meaning to you, but could have more significant meaning to someone else.  Ever notice in movies how the hero is willing to put himself in harms way, but will crumple when they involve a loved one? Think about what your actions will do to those you care about. I didn't take this into consideration.
·      Don’t be a prideful asshole.  Nothing wrong with taking an "L" if the situation is one in which an "L" should be taken. No one (with any common sense) will look down on you for bowing out and being a “bitch” with a gun to your head. I didn't think about this.
·      Don’t feel the need to do EVERYTHING in life. Sit back and think about all that you have accomplished in your life. You’ve probably done more and accomplished more than your parents before age 30. Be thankful you were blessed with intelligence. I mean you read this blog, so you have to exude some level of smarts.
·      If you’re being mugged they really only want the cash. Offer that and ask that you can keep your ID’s and credit cards. You will just cancel them if they take them too.
·      Alcohol is commonly called “liquid courage”, but courage can be mistaken for “dumbassness”
·      Surround yourself with people who care about you.  Wasting time on those who don’t care about you is plain ol’ dumb.
·      God be lookin’ out.

In conclusion, I thank God every morning for waking me up, and thank him for giving me the gifts and life he has given me. I wanted to take this chance to apologize to those I let down. I appreciate my family and friends. I appreciate the 5ivebruhs for their support. Appreciate those in your life, you never know what could happen or when. It can all be over so quick.

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