Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I Believe in "The Force"

This article for all those people that have a strict 1 or 2 month rule before any intimacy (sex or whatever) occurs. I say forget that. Maybe a relationship should be contingent on intimacy. Ok maybe “contingent“ is a little strong but at least considered as importantly as “Does her/his breath stink?“ “Does her/his voice drive my ass up a wall?“ “Is it possible for her/him to get that wart removed?”. Meaning maybe you should test drive the car before you buy it. Some girls would nail me to the cross for saying something like that but dammit its important. Now if what I just said to you readers out there sounds crazy then consider this. Waiting THAT long is like playing Russian Roulette with your sex life ? Do you really want to do that? I sure as hell do not.

Lets be real with ourselves. If you are a dating a person and he/she (usually “she” of course) says that they think you all should wait before any intimacy occurs they are probably either holding out to see how much you care about them minus sex and/or they are going by the notion that when this intimacy occurs than it will make it all the more better for both of you. Well you know what? MAYBE (the all caps is meant to represent a big "maybe")your right but I wouldn’t risk it. Why? Because I believe in “The Force”. Now I know that sounds crazy but before you scroll down and read Dead Mikes article instead, hear me out, (then read his after). The Force by definition (for all you non Star Wars nerds like me) is an energy that exists among everyone and surrounds and penetrates all people…and by that definition, I believe in it. Granted, they also used that shit to move things with their minds but I’m not talking about that. I’m saying there are energies that exist among people that you can only get a glimpse into when you get them in an intimate setting and if you wait 1 to 2 months before doing the deed, (however you personally define that) it’d be a damn shame if you didn’t like what you saw.

In order to make this a little easier to understand we can talk about it in terms of “Force Levels” Lemme break it down briefly. Lets say you the highest amount of “Force Points” you can have is 10. Your FPL (Force Point Level) is based on 4 different criteria, experience, personality, confidence, and openness. We’ll say that confidence and personality hold the most weight and that constitutes your Force Point Level high or low. Having a high level or low level isn’t good or bad its just what you have based on the criteria. Example: If my FPL is a 7.7 and yours is a 3.1 then were probably not going to be able to vibe intimately. And there is nothing worse than when you are so attracted to someone and really think they are someone that you can see yourself with and you find out that you cant vibe intimately whatsoever.

*side note*
There are definite variables in this, and its not to say that bringing someone up to your level can't be fun, but I’d rather buy a fully furnished home, not a fixer upper.

If your wondering how many points you have or want a flow chart and diagram explaining the system further, keep holding your breath. The “Force Point System” is merely an analogy to explain the overall point.

*The Point*
I believe fully that you can find out about a person real quick when they have allowed themselves to open up to you intimately. And if you’re like me, this might be something that you would want to know BEFORE you get into a relationship with that person.

Marinate on that and “May The Force Be With You”


Maestro said...

I hear your argument Casanova; however, I don't believe sex is the only way that you can be intimate with a person. You can share intimate conversation and experiences with each other. I recognize this is not the social norm and what the majority of people in our culture are doing in regards to their personal lives but I believe sex is one of the most, if not the most, intimate experience you can share with a person. Therefore, I think it should be reserved for the most intimate relationship which is that between a husband & wife. I can understand how a person may want to know if they can be intimate with a person before they enter a relationship but I just believe sex is not the only expression of intimacy there is. I think there is indeed a "force" but there are other ways to communicate it. I'm not attempting to force my beliefs on anyone; all I'm saying is this is not the only male perspective though it may be the prevalent one.

Lonica said...

So I've heard all this before, but the FPL definitely put it all in perspective for me. thanks jonny ;)

I can agree with most of this, but I also agree with Maestro on the other ways to be intimate with someone...I think feelings can change and grow over time. Taking the chance to get to know someone on a different level of intimacy may lead to a more significant experience when it comes to the biggest level...