Sunday, August 23, 2009

pass the popcorn

today's title: pass the popcorn

the 90's were a glorious time. the nba was at an all-time high for global appeal, hip-hop was reaching a high mark creatively, more black sitcoms were being made, and def comedy jam birthed some of our favorite stars we enjoy today. however, not all was pleasant during this time. with any era, you will have the good, the bad, and the corny.

today i present to you: the 3 corniest niggas of the 90's (r&b edition)....and a bonus.

3. tevin jermod campbell
tevin campbell can sing. can we talk is one of my favorite songs ever. however, did you really believe he was singing to the women? ...i didn't then, and i don't now. remember when he sang to ashley on the fresh prince, i wasn't buying it and i was only 5 at the time. AND, i was right. first, let me explain something. as a child growing up in a very sheltered christian household, i didn't know what gay was. my parents called it an "alternative lifestyle". but i knew something wasn't right with tevin campbell, prince, carl winslow, and a host of other it came as no surprise when i found out tevin got arrested for soliciting oral sex to an undercover male cop in '99....c'mon buddy © chappelle

2. mark althavean andrews aka. sisqo

sisqo....where do u start? if women were in question of tevin campbell, sisqo came under heavy scrutiny from jump. i never understood the appeal of him as an artist. short man, does a lot of flips, platinum hair, no taco meat chest hair...i just didn't get it. i thought it was lame. although he gets props for the thong song video, i'm still not believing it. it seemed forced. (i know the thong song came out in '01, but dru hill's first album was in '96). if i were a gay man, how would i get people off my back to not think i'm gay....thus the thong song. look at the video, he's not even with the girls. he's doing flips on the beach, and dance routines like an 8th grade cheerleader. i guarantee if he came out and said he was a homosexual, he'd have a better career. people are tired of the lies sisqo, come out the closet.

1. p

in the 80's, he was a musical genius. from dirty mind to the batman soundtrack, he had hits. parade is my favorite p album ever. however, in the 90's he lost the hits, and lost his damn mind. aside from diamonds & pearls, sexy mf, and most beautiful girl, he was puttin out garbage. and this is coming from a p fan....thus the name bob george. running around with "slave" on his face, growing that pedophile beard, changing his name to a symbol...this was clearly a nigga going through some changes. p was having a mid-life crisis. i love p; however, during the 90's, he was effin nuts. did anyone other than me hear the carmen electra album?

and now for the bonus, the absolute coolest nigga of the 90's.

they showed re-runs and new episodes on saturday morning @ 11am. whatever problem i had in my life, i forgot about while watching him. if i was hungry, sick, or hurt...didn't matter. he was the man.

bob ross…my nigga © denzel.


ELA Exclusive said...

ELA Exclusive likes this & the Song of the Day!!!

Wistopher said...

you are nuts LOL

Jonny Casanova said...

seriously tho, I would get lost in those damn "happy pappy" blue skys he would paint on saturdays. He had crazy psychedelic colors in that damn pallete man.

Anonymous said...
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Maximillian said...
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Maximillian said...

If you look up Tevin Campbell in Wikipedia, they don't even mention his sexuality. He's been nominated for 8 Grammys...who would've thought? And I had forgotten that he was the singing voice of Powerline in "A Goofy Movie," one of the best Disney movies EVER lol.

Bob George said...

i don't want another "roya belknap" situation on my hands...thanks tho. glad u liked it.

to maximillian, just google "oral sex and tevin campbell" u'll see what im talkin about.