Sunday, August 30, 2009

mj x p = james brown

huge michael jackson fan. had to drop something honoring him....of course, p has to be included also.

in this clip: james brown concert in '83. michael does his thing, and p....well you'll see.

in this clip: p, michael, and james brown, show off their dancing determine the winner.

rip. mj


Jonny Casanova said...

MJ showed out...there is no way u can convince me that Prince was not either on coke when he did that or he was very much into men in the 80's. Why did he feel the need to end his solo and proceed to strip?

Jonny Casanova said...

oh and I also looks like he rode another mans back to the stage...WOW.

Bob George said...

i'm sure p has fucked a dude before....mj did his thing.