Thursday, August 27, 2009

Shit Talkin' 101: An Important Aspect of Life (Video)

What's up readers?
This week things are a little different because we gotta video blog! YYEAHH BOI! This is due to the fact that my job is boring as HELL! Ya boy is working Security at a local community college, hence the me lookin up ever 2 secs in the video.

(Funny how you can grad from a 4-year private institution and then work security for a community college, ahhh life... it's only temporary)

So for your viewing pleasure, I made a video via my cell phone for ya'll to enjoy, and this is a serious topic to me cuz I love talkin' shit!!! Well without further ado, SHIT TALKIN' 101!

L'chaim... P!ed P!per

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Anonymous said...

wish I could say that followed that with the greatest of ease. I leave...feeling highly confused.

ELA Exclusive said...

LOL ... that's 'cause the boi is good at what he does!!!
I feel u on that parking pass stuff. Used to hate it when a chick in a damn Benz would come in to fuss over a $25 parking ticket that she got as a result of not buying a parking pass ... get ur life together!!!!

The Pied Piper said...

lol, thanks Exclusive. and tru dat second part.